Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Glorious Rain! Culebra Thanks You!

The rain is barely there, almost not really rain at all, but the earth is glad, the plants are glad. Maybe, if your collection system is really good, your cisterns will have a few drops of gladness as well. I know when the sun comes back out my plants will look better than when I spend long minutes watering them and that is a good thing. I wish it would rain all day...but it won't.

I have a clutter of things I've wanted to post about but as usual life gets in the way, so I'll just line them up here and make it free choice grazing.

A wonderful schoolhouse turned into a home in Nova Scotia, moved to a dream perfect site that I'm sure looks very different in winter.

The first food site I've gotten excited about in awhile, The Crucian Contessa. Of course, it helps if you like island food, in this case, Crucian food, though she goes outside those boundaries, if there are any in the first place. All I know for sure is this week's recipe is going to be conch in brown butter sauce, a dish that is probably one of my favorites of all island dishes, and I'm going to try to make it.

Jean Francois with one of the weirder looking fish I've ever seen here, a hog fish.

The other morning, right before sunrise, when the moon was full, I was on the way back from feeding the chickens and saw this huge light...the moon. I've never seen it from this perspective and have no idea why I did this time but if I'd been on that porch, I could have pulled the moon right over.

Wing and wing, one of the prettiest and more comfortable ways to sail
I posted the kitchen of this 'hut' awhile back and then found the rest of the place. It's very tiny and very simple. I'm drawn to it almost obsessively and am glad it is in Uruguay or I'm afraid I'd be a stalker.

I've seen this presented in quite a few articles on design, with no credit given for the photos, so sorry about that, whoever took these! But I had to have them here so if I lose the original, I know it's on the blog to come back to see. I'm not sure what it in the combination of light and space that draws me so much (though I would have a different style of rungs/steps to the bed loft, and the kitchen needs a window - I think that's all I'd change), but something does.

Have a take two Tuesday. Do something tenderly.

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