Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Getting Crowded Out There!

As the holiday of Easter draws closer, the streets are getting more full, the lines are longer, the bay is busy. Be safe out there!!

I sit in my yard and watch the boats flow over the channel transom...there are two really beautiful boats in the bay right now, teaching schooners. I just couldn't get a good photo of them from the yard but maybe I'll come into town today...they'd be worth it.

I tend to stay home a lot during Semana Santa, even more than usual. The only crowding in my little serenity zone happens when it is time to feed the chickens and  they sort things out pretty rapidly. Let's hope everyone else does the same. Be nice. Nice is good.

What I am enjoying is listening to the St. Thomas radio as preparations for Carnival ramp up. Carnival goes on pretty much the entire month of April, so it's early days - but if you combined a royal wedding and an inauguration and the Ringling Bros. Circus flying to Russia, you might get an idea of the planning that goes on for this yearly event.

Culebra is about how close I like to get to Carnival, but the excitement, stories of years gone by, imagining the food village, the aroma of seafood callaloo and butter sauce conch, while calypso singers practice and girls putting the finishing bits of glitter and glam on their costumes? Radio. A good thing.

photo credit: unknown

Did you see the moon last night? Yes, Virginia, it's the same moon here as there.

The Full Moon of March
Fish Moon, Sleepy Moon, Sap Moon, Chaste Moon, Worm Moon, 
Lenten Moon, Sugar Moon, Storm Moon, Crow Moon, 
Moon When Eyes Are Sore from Bright Snow, Death Moon.

Have a toast to Today! Thursday. Do something tactfully teasing.


  1. This morning, driving to work before light,looking at the brilliant full moon in the west. I'm thinking, I wonder if the full moon is as beautiful in Culebra as it is here in Virginia (though I know it is). Sitting in my office trailer (I don't have an office office, it's mobile every few months) drinking coffee reading your blog. I read " Yes, Virginia, it's the same moon here as there". How'd you do that???