Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Day Looking for a Title

Watching day break open over the hill in monochrome, a few birds calling, the cat crunching breakfast nearby, I'm going back to yesterday. I know the wonder of things growing will fade soon, the new leaves that seem as tender as something delicious in a garden will get bigger and rusty, the grass will not be a miracle, a growing carpet on the naked earth, blooms unfolded on plants that have had no flowers for almost a year won't bring an instant grin of oh my! Yes, I'm opting to hold over the wow until this day takes its place.

Moon in a frame of new sea almond leaves

The last time this had leaves, it was covered with catepillars. Welcome back!
 I can't help it. I'm obsessed with this tree. It's the first year I've gotten to watch it like this as pre-drought it was almost lost in a jungle of junk trees and vines. Now it's all glory glory.

Ah, my naked indian, your leaves are insanely growing!

Even the 'winter trees' are greening up

Crazy franipani. This tree should be massive, Instead, it has two branches, the tallest not even six feet. It looks dead most of the year and then gives out a pillar of gorgeous blooms. For ten years. Weird.
And that's all I know so far today.

Have a take time for more than tokens Thursday! Do something teachable.


  1. I love the Gumbo Limbo trees. The leaves, the smooth red bark, the shapes. There is a huge one on Vieques that stands alone. The limbs look like arms reaching to the sky. If I can find the photo of it I'll send it to you. Oh, that's from 1999, pre-digital. I'll bring it next trip.

    1. Looking forward to seeing the pic. Better yet, I should just go over and see the tree! They really are magnificent.