Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blown Away on the Hill

Late...the wind has blown my signal away

It has been so windy up here!! How windy has it been, MJ? Thaaaaaaaat windy. Today is also cloudy, so it looks and feels like it is 6 a.m., which isn't a bad thing. I have the day before me all day!

I thought the battery in my camera was dead, so I missed shooting a really unusually beautiful sunrise this morning. I was skyping with my daughter Sarah, who is in California with her brother and there was the dawning of the day. I took her for a skype walk so she could see the sea and sky. There were appropriates oh's and ah's and 'Red sky in the morning, Mama...'. It all made me want a Dick Tracy wristwatch. Right now. But sorry, no photos for you, gentle readers! At least none of the sunrise.

And none of Two Dougs and a Mariel playing wonderful music last night at Dinghy Dock either. Which is where the battery showed up dead. Housesitting is great for lots of things, but not for remembering things like the battery nicely home.

Instead, here are some photos of a few days back. Back before I sat like a zombie in front of the computer yesterday watching online live streaming of the Boston Insanity. I did tear myself away to get some work done. And listening to music later on at is the best antidote to that sort of craziness in the world. By the time I got back here the bad guy was captured and the beginning of another chapter begun. For all those mangled physically and emotionally by this last hell week in America, I wish for healing on every level. But some things don't heal...

Aloe forest

My friend called to me "Come here" and I did not knowing why until my breath was taken, as it so often is, but this was even more beautiful and I'm sorry the camera doesn't really capture it...the color the whitecaps, the wind and wild beauty...

Out on the reef, there was an impromtu race taking place. Because of the flags, I assume they are traveling together. It was fun to watch.

The wind has gone quieter, the day is dark. For this moment, sanity seems to be holding the upper hand. Cherish it.

Have a save sweet souls Saturday. Do something specially sentimental.


  1. I live a block from the Boston bombing site, and just wanted to say that I appreciate you doing exactly what you're doing: sharing the beauty and tranquility of the island. It's provided a welcome contrast to all the other media in my news feed.

    1. If your internal and external landscape could be lightened in any way by this, I feel blessed to have done so. Thanks for letting me know.