Monday, April 1, 2013

Like a Moth to a Flame

I stayed out of town almost all week-end. On purpose, mind you - avoiding the Semana Santa crowds; what other places might see as a normal street/store/water scene, we see as madness. But yesterday, rainy (lovely), dreary (comfortably cool), sunless (we know what's coming), I had a touch of cabin fever and decided to come on in. I'm so glad I did!
The rain had stopped, though it was still overcast, and the last malingerers were strolling the streets and plying the waterways, some waiting for the ferries, some just not ready to head out into that bumpy water ride home.

Down at the bar, the 'winter side' was full up with friends, who were there early in the day as well, for late lunches and...maybe they had cabin fever too.

Before that, there was some walking in the drizzle. Not the cold, fat drops that tried to catch me out a couple of times, no fun for walking, but a short drizzled on walk? Do-able.

One spot of serious color on a very grey day

There must have been a nest somewhere near...this one kept buzzing me off for a while.
While down at Dinghy Dock...

Luckily for me I have observant friends who point out things I miss while yammering on about not much of much. 'Photo op, MJ' one or another will say and like a camera-carrying Pavlovian, I'm up and on point.

I missed this one the first go-by but luckily got another chance. Thanks, Barb! Twice.

This was John's offering and a fine one! This is the ship I mentioned the other day - I saw it coming into the bay but couldn't get a decent shot. This time, I did.

What a beauty!

Just in case you are interested
Since I was in town and it wasn't raining, a walkabout seemed in order. Someone at the bar who had a good view said they watched over 100 boats leaving Dakity (which must have been an amazing sight) and it felt a bit like that in town, foot and car traffic heading to the water's edge to be gone, the air carrying a sigh of relief as the big balloon of a holiday weekend was almost flattened, rolled up and put away.

Benjamin's new wall paintings
This is why they come here
I'd been told I needed to check out the Chinese Restaurant and Casino to see the changes. I thought I'd seen the changes but obviously not. First of all, there were people in there never seen by me in my years here. On Easter Day. Maybe I saw them at Happy Landings on holidays before, now that I think about it...

No one was drinking drinks from any of these bottles while I was there. But one guy was drinking a Tsingtao! I wanted to ask if I could take a photo but wasn't a good idea.

I just want you to know I debated a long time -  5 seconds - about including a photo of a friend of ours with an official big read DANGER sign on his butt and decided against it - I want to keep him as a friend. However, if you see the above sign stuck on someone in town, pay heed and give a wide berth. They're trouble. Unless you like trouble. 

Instead I'll leave you with this. That rain gave us back this on the land, which was, two days ago, holding no suggestion of the color green. We'll watch the hills come out of their hibernation drought mode; the leaves and blossoms were only waiting for their long thirst to be quenched. 

We're thankful. Thankful for the renewed earth, the filled cisterns, the damping down of overly rambunctious ramblers...yes, that too.  Now take down those giant inflated beer cans - hey, just so you know? I don't think they make anyone say Why, what a great reminder! I think I'll have a beer! I would never have thought of that! - and the banners and let's pick up the trash and enjoy tranquillo again. To all of our friends who dealt with the public and the outages and other misfires, enjoy a well deserved rest and thanks for being you, always with smiles included.

Have a (un)manic, (un)massive, (un)moaning, (un)muddleheaded mellow Monday! Do something minimal.

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