Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day! Thanks, Dad!

2nd grader's Earth Day painting
It's not even noon yet and the day has already tumbled the meter to overflowing with good moments. First, I ran into a guy who visits here and cares a lot. He was getting ready to have a meeting with the Mayor concerning the use of plastic bags and styrofoam junk, with the idea of replacing it with environmentally friendly options. He's already talked to a lot of the restaurant owners, all of whom like the idea. But he's gone beyond talking, he's doing. Getting numbers and sources and making it real. We have some of the most amazing, involved and caring visitors to Culebra, and he is one of them.

While we were talking, Paul came along with his dog, Red, with big hugs and kind words and Happy Earth Day greetings. Paul is so enthusiastic just being alive; his joy rolls off of him in a warm wave, gently engulfing anyone around him and I got to have a little bathing in the glow. Oh, going to town in Culebra, you just never know what will wrap you up to send you on your way.

This is the only litter that is good litter

Being 250 higher than I normally am, literally, mind you, I've looked around at many things not present where I live, practically in the mangroves.  Sometimes I feel like I could be in California, walking my son's driveway (if I don't look up and out to the sea, which you cannot see from his driveway), looking at the roots and grasses on roadside cuts into the earth.

I don't know what is keeping this tree clinging to the earth,  but it doesn't want to let go!

Then, looking more, I started seeing some pretty unusual flowers. I'm transported to a jungle I've never been in. Instead of howler monkeys, I only hear birds and once, that crazy scream deer make when they are warning others to run run run from potential danger. I heard them running but didn't see them, fleet footed and flying away in fright. Me. I ask you, why would they be afraid of me? It's not even deer season.

Yes yes, I had this in the blog yesterday, but it is so bizarre, it deserves another round.

Lovely frangipani


I have no idea what this is. It is growing on a tree in the valley.

Another mystery an exotic bird of paradise.
This morning was another beach walk. No one except me, the dogs and some turtle eggs below the sand, quietly evolving into living creatures; some of whom will defy the odds and make it out to sea when their time comes. p.s. in case you wonder, the dogs have NO interest in the turtle eggs and yes, I do take away any dogsquat.

Abbie's school kids make these signs to put on the turtle egg areas
While I walked, I thought, again, about my Dad. He never took me camping, the only thing I ever helped him build was the cabin of a small sailboat (and I, arrogant and wise teenager that I was, deemed it ugly - what I'd give to have that chance again. It still would have been ugly but I would have thought it beautiful...just like him). But somehow, he imparted this passionate love of the sea and of nature to me, to us. To respect both just was a built in ingredient...the forever lasting batteries were included. I cannot think about my love of this earth without thinking about him. Thanks again, Dad, for those nights on the beach, watching sea turtles lay eggs, nights carved as deeply into my being as love.

The wind has been busy redesigning the beach

These are rarely so clear to see...I guess the wind has blown the air very clean

Footprints of the heart and sole.
Love Her, we've only got One.
Kids craft ideas from The Crafty Crow

Have a much much more than mundane Monday. Do something mindlessly miraculous.


  1. The flower photo from Sunday and again today, I want to buy it. If okay with you I would like it cropped so just the flower is centered. I like the cactus, but the flower is the star and so beautiful and unusual. How do we do this? Email me if you want.

  2. No problem, we can do that. I'll work on it and we can email about it. Yes, the flower IS the star!

  3. The orange,trumpet-shaped, waxy flowers look like our local trumpet vines. See ya soon...

    1. Maybe it's a trumpet tree! Yes, soon come!

  4. Thank you MJ. The visit was productive!

    1. Always good to have caring people love Culebra actively!