Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Do You Say?

When the world turns upside down for the 1000th time and all the words have been used up to the point of them sounding like trying to say 'I love you' by calling in a top 40 love song 'dedicated to the one I love', then it must be time for something else. Something simple, yet powerful. Something in this world bloated with the constant noise of information true and false rushing over us at 5000 foot waterfall speed, crashing on top of us, carrying us over the sharp as razor rocky places, sweeping everything out of its way in the passage to leave us, perhaps, nowhere in particular. Maybe in the chance that something might stick, somewhere.

I want to lie in a quiet pool of grief where the anger can soak away and then step out to move on, shaking like a just cleansed dog, still wet, but not soaking wet, a bit numb but not drowning.

That's all I know.

Every morning up here is another show

Wind blowing so hard the other day, I think it blew out white caps and just made patterns.

Clouds but no rain. It keeps slip sliding by us...we need some rain catchers!

Sure, we'll rescue you here, but it might, like so much, take a little longer than expected.

Have a waking full of wanting wonder Wednesday. Do something willingly.

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