Thursday, April 11, 2013

What In the World!

First frangipani blossom of the year
This world! I don't mean the whole thing...the planets and stars and moons and suns, the oceans, wet and dry, zooming in to the smallest blade of grass growing, surrounded by busy ants and other crawly things. I mean the world around me, that comes into my vision every day, close enough or nearly, to touch. Because the world of right here right now is vast enough.

Though I will say, after getting an email from my friend who lives on his boat in the South Pacific and just got back from a trip to the Philippines, with a stop at Yap on his way home..."Visitors getting off the plane from Guam are greeted by a beautiful brown skinned and bare breasted maiden wearing nothing but a grass skirt, a smile and flowers in her hair. She places a fragrant string of flowers around each arrivals neck and welcomes you to her island." ...that part of the world that seems so familiar and yet so very different...that has a calling card that wafts under my mental doorway with spicy aromas and new sea breezes.

Housesitting means that when I come home I see a few things I missed, one way or another. This was one great surprise, a nest in my hammock, wound in and around the already woven fibers. I have both ends hung on one hook when I'm not using it and some birds figured it was perfect for a cozy safe nest building spot. It must have seemed like a big nest already - and it feels that way to me when I am in it.

If you look really really closely, you can see the eggs (three of them) inside.

Plants are exploding...

I've never seen so many blossoms on this orchid and this is with three of them gone, eaten by iguanas, damn them. There are more in back and more ready to bloom. O wonder!
The compost pond tomatoes are doing the best of all the tomato plants, and the avocado tree is trying hard to keep up. It's right there in the center of Tomato Jungle.

Another cashew tree came out. I'm going to have a cashew grove, I think. It will be beautiful.

Then it was back to Hilltop Base Camp, where the clouds were roiling with bits of rain spitting. 

First I noticed this round cloud...

then the very cartoon like 'missile through a cloud' looking like it was about to puncture it.
Just in case you are wondering? It did puncture it and the roundness was blown apart in slow motion.

Great big beautiful world indeed.

Have a taste of the tropics Thursday. Do something like a tango!

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