Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beach Walk

These are not my footprints

I took a long walk with the dogs yesterday morning. Not early enough for sunrise, but not too long after, with still cool air and not yet blinding light. The nice thing about walking dogs is that they take up a lot of brain power (that runs like a hamster on a wheel over issues like this), just watching them and talking to them . The nice thing about walking dogs in a stunningly beautiful place is that it transfers your brain power into your spirit power...if you let it. And I did.

St. Thomas

We are family

The clouds came in and left again

Have a trust your totem Thursday. Do something tribal.


  1. i was surprised recently to read that st thomas is closer to culebra than culebra is to puerto rico....!!!

  2. That's true. STT is about 14 miles, the big island is 19 miles. Often times we'll check VI weather because it has a lot more in common with what is going on here than what is being reported out of San Juan, which is quite a bit farther than 19 miles...

  3. (sigh) Thank you for sharing Culebra's loveliness. My Friday just started but it's now complete.
    We'll be back at Christmas and can't wait!
    - stadka

    1. Oh, thank you! That was really nice. See you next winter!

  4. Interesting, and it makes sense, since your weather is coming from that general direction..!