Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Because and Because

Because I didn't post a Tiny Home Tuesday yesterday, I'm offering this pictorial bread on the water. Stunning in both subject and composition, I'm personally in awe and wish I had something movie screen size to fall into to look at it. More. And then some more.

Because my blog format really doesn't do it justice, even if you click on it for a larger size, check it out on Cabin Porn. Then, get a movie screen and call me.

The photographer, Autumn Dellaway (is that a real name? How perfect is that?), has other outstanding work you can look at here. She also draws. And posts a lot of things she likes to the point that (and this is one reason I can't stand pintrest and tumblr and all those other places you can post without attribution to the creator) I'm not sure exactly what is hers and not hers, but in tracking this photo, it's hers. I'm pretty sure.


Shake it up, baby. Apparently we had an earthquake nearby (26 miles or so) around 11 last night. I was snug asleep after an enjoyable afternoon and evening around town, pizza included. One of those, hey, wanna go for a quick drink evenings, where you end up seeing and chatting with people you don't see as often as you should for quite a few hours and more than one quick drink, in fact it's in slo-mo so all is well.
When I got home, I got a text from my cohort asking 'When did 9 o'clock become late?' I replied that when I looked at the clock on getting back, I just started laughing. So did she. Yes, 9 o'clock seems late. It could have been 7 or midnight, but is usually is 7 more than midnight... Anyway. I was asleep when we got a shaking and nothing seems to have fallen off the walls or shelves, so I don't even have a story to tell about it. Do you?

Sometimes I like to go back in my blog posts and see what was going on this day back a ways. Since my memory is often fly-in-amber like it is one sure way to remember. A visual and mental walkabout. Here in Culebra, there in Portland. This one in Texas.  It also makes island fever rise a notch or two, but since I'm not going anywhere anytime soon - I define soon as tomorrow afternoon, when I'm going to the big island but that's not quite the same unless it means a drive to Rincon or someplace I won't be going - I shift the gear to C, cease complaining, cause cranial contentment.

Sometimes I have to put this sign on my brain. The mountain is THERE and I am HERE and I'll get THERE in good time. 
I want to have a Robin Williams movie marathon one night. To laugh and cry and laugh. That's all I want to say about that.

Have a weed whacking Wednesday! Do something wowserly.

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