Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Long Has This Been Going On?

Lots of little things have happened while I've been s l o w l y putting my ether world back together and the connection is still so wonky, I'm not sure if this post will even happen, but let's give it a whirl! A swirly, last turn of the swing after wild spinning whirl, tossed in the wind. I'd toss it on the water, like the proverbial bread, but since my pitching arm is less that adequate to get it past the sargassum choking my bay where it would just sit there, I'll try the wind instead.

Last day landscaping at Zoni. If you have to work, it's good to have this view!

Work turned into spending the night and getting to see this dawning. 

One more crazy cat story, but it came with this brilliant quickly improvised cat carrier

At last the day had come. It was time to say da svidania (until we meet again).
If you didn't get to do so, this hug is from you too.

Finally, she's OUTTA HERE! The long awaited day as a new journey and new adventures begin for Francie. See ya on the flip side, chica!
I got an invite the other evening for a dinner of chicken and dumplings. I don't think I've had homemade dumplings, I can't remember. I showed up early (what a surprise) to be reminded how it is done.

Flour and milk and butter and baking soda. And maybe other things. So easy! So rarely made.

Dropped into the Dutch oven already filled with chicken that had been lightly fried and then deeply simmered. Aromatically alluring.

Not too long after this, it was all ready. I now had my hungry pants on and forgot to take a photo of the plateful soon demolished. Yum!
After the storm the other day, where the wind blew out of the south (not our normal wind direction), the bay filled up with sargassum. At first I thought, how interesting! Now it is turning from interesting to seriously smelly. Not as bad a smell as that emanating from the area where the road goes to Flamenco, just so happening to be where the sewage station is also located. I'm not sure what's going on there. Here, I'm just waiting on the wind.

This morning's eye opener and getcherbuttouttabed starter was a glance out the window to see this dawning. I know from long experience that waiting around is not an option, as it only lasts for minutes most of the time.

Now the sky is a glaring grey/white. Rain is forecast, the wind is up. Good!

Why do we wake up in the morning? To see what happens next, of course! Keep your eyes and heart open, the flip side of any negative is positive and it will come around in due time, especially if you keep busy and reach out. Be nice.

Have a tantilizingly tangerine Thursday. Do something thick-skulled.


  1. Love the Zoni golden sunrise. After 25 years of doing all the cooking for our family, Debbie said 'I'm done'. I was tired of the yardwork so we switched jobs. I do the cooking, which I love, she does the yardwork, which she loves. Works for us. However, she gives me a break on Mondays. Chicken and dumplings is something she does very well. This Monday, when she says what do you want for dinner? I'm saying Chicken' and Dumplin's!

  2. I would love to hear the 'rest of the story' on that cat! I imaging that Amber was not too happy having an interloper.

  3. No worries for Amber, the kitty was only there for moments, in pursuit of possible identification. It was identified and is being kept for observation after a toothy run in with someone. T to the rescue, as per usual. What happens next, I'm not sure but hopefully a good home awaits.

  4. Those AWC folks are awesome! I'm not home enough to adopt, but someday I will be and when I'm ready it will be an AWC pup for me. Hope it all turns out for the best for all involved. And thanks for sharing the story!

  5. Kerri, when it's time, your AWC critter will be waiting!