Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sometimes Some is Better Than None and Lots is Even Better

Invest 96 woke me up yesterday morning with that roof sound of rain that signals, to anyone who lives in a stormy zone, 'it's here'. The sound of rain and storms has (almost) always been a good sound for me. The afternoon rains of Florida, practically timely enough to set a watch, thunder and lightning breaking through darkness with mega-candlewatt intensity, no slow drawing back of curtains, but bursting open the world with light and negative ion energy. Like a high caffeine buzz without the jitters. 

But, it really wasn't that sort of storm yesterday. It was more like a slow rolling series of waves, some bigger than others, with occasional lightning and thunder in a low, mostly fairly distant, show of sound and light.  Cool enough for soup making, no mozzies nibbling, the cat curled was (in a 180° different meaning than terrible time years ago in the Northeast) a perfect storm.

Pretty much the all day view when I could open the window. There was very little wind around my place, though at one point we went up to a hilltop and it was honkin'! 
Having to go into town (and of course forgetting my umbrella) made me thankful for warm rain. I was surprised how many people were out and about, including a lot of people getting off the ferry. Yes. The ferry had made a run. Planes weren't flying and the ferry was running. Was I in an alternate universe?

I'm not sure what drew these very soggy horses to this spot. Maybe the grass was greener.
It's pretty much impossible to see the white caps looking toward Luis Pena, but there they were.
The bay was very calm with clouds falling over the hillsides. I've only seen that happen a few times's a sight!
How we hunker down for a gentle all day storm on Culebra

Back at home, we hunkered down a different way, most of it, though not all, in bed. 

Fan off. Soup on.

During the lulls, it was walkabout time. I'd not seen blooms on these plants for many, many weeks, including after Bertha's brief appearance.  I need one of those slo-mo cameras in the yard...

I enjoyed the slightly misty outdoor time. My steadfast companion? Not so much.

Incoming seaweed. I want to gather some and dry it out and grind it up for seasoning as an experiment. 
At some point in the afternoon during another lull there was actually color in the water. Those wacky painters!
This morning the sun is shining through cloud glazed skies, the heat is starting to climb and the wind is starting to pick up. More rain ahead? Perhaps.

The seaweed is now seriously piled up. Hey! I only wanted a handful.
There is a lot going on out in the eastern Atlantic and no doubt there are more rainy days ahead. Keep your eyes open and your batteries ready!

Have a serenely saturated Saturday. Do some skylarking.

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  1. I love the way you describe how the rain comes. I can almost smell it, hear it, feel it. And the pictures augment your words, but it is your words that paint the most graphic :)