Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tranquilla Culebra

 Shhhhhh. It's quiet here. That's because it is too hot to move much more than necessary. Typing makes me sweat, it's that hot.

"Hello. I'm going to cross the road now. I'm not very good at doing this. Ok, here I go!"
There are a LOT of iguanas out and about, please be careful when driving
On these oh so hot and humid days, shade is a beautiful thing

If you do decorate with conch shells you either find or harvest, please only use or take BIG ones like this. Those very little ones mean poaching (it is illegal to harvest conch smaller than 9 inches long) and being part of the problem. Contrary to some people's seeming belief from their actions, there is not an endless supply of potential food in the sea. You can read more about it here!
The vet will be here on Sunday from 9 -2. No surgeries. Call Teresa and let her know what your critter needs are so the vet and his tech can bring over what they need!   (787 409 6380)
Have a oh the wonder Wednesday. Do something wet.

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