Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Culebra Findings

Over the years on Culebra I've picked up plenty of bits and pieces, some found away from my yard but most found in it. One thing I've semi-collected (semi because I give them to kids a lot), is toy vehicles.

In thinking about Francie's long awaited road trip I thought maybe one of them would be a good back up plan (no pun intended) and chose a blue pick up truck. A Hot Wheels blue pick up truck, with the slogan Free Delivery on it to be specific. Then I thought, hey! maybe this is valuable! Maybe in some lonely spot on the road if it was needed, she could cash it in for big bucks! So I looked it up and there it was, on a collectors page, the very truck I was holding in my hand, albeit a bit newer, as in never out of the packaging, but so what? Vintage. Cool. Very cool. Very vintage. It even says so.

So, as it turns out, it's worth 5.99. New. Better to go for an alternate universe experience where Tony and Noah themselves come to the rescue. Sorry, Francie.

What remains of my shelf parking lot

Boats and horses. Sea and land. I love that this is an English style stirrup.

Under all this manure, there's gotta be a pony somewhere...

Some guy had this on his trash pile years and years ago. I wish I knew its story.

Oh! you don't want that? I do! Is the stove that burner went to buried in my yard too?
When I lived on St. Croix and collected chaney, I one day told a tourist asking why I was picking up broken china that I hoped one day I'd have enough to make a whole plate (back away slowly, lady). I have found pieces of this sewing machine over the years and one day...

Maybe my happiest finds are the ones that wash to the shore (and I don't mean the many, many plastic bottles, flip flops, broken styro coolers, etc.). I haven't found any really good ones (meaning, not made of styrofoam) in a long time.

The now defunct chicken coop in the background *sniff*

While wandering the yard, this guy, who, due to the drought has been seriously decimating my patiently grown ground cover with his sisteren and brethren - moved in languid fashion out of my way, waiting for my departure to continue the flora devastation. Of course, to me it's devastation. To him, it's the best salad bar going.

And thus goeth another day on Culebra, where treasures of the monetary valueless sort, the sort that have so much value to many of us (okay, maybe not the cars and rusty bits, that's just me) pile up tangibly and in memory. 

Have a wistfully wily Wednesday. Do something worthlessly worthwhile.


  1. i missed what caused the chicken coop to become "defunct"... what happened to your chickens??

  2. No photo of the 'thunder mug' planter? ;-))

  3. Why is the chicken coop defunct? What happened to the girls?

  4. To answer about the coop - no more chickens because they were massacred, unfortunately, about a month ago. Something (probably a dog/dogs, but I'm thinking chupracabra) tore the caging more girls. Not a good day. And to answer you, Shawke? Intentional NO! ;)

  5. damn............i'm sorry to hear that......that must have been traumatic for you to discover that....must have happened while you were house sitting...........what's a chupracabra..?? if there was "chicken wire" dogs should not have gotten in.................sad story...........

  6. What a shame about the girls!

  7. John and Debbie, yeah, it was a bad day. I wasn't housesitting, my kids were here and I'd just run in to feed them and found them throughout the yard. A chupacabra (sorry, it's chupacabra, not chupracabra) is a mystery beast. You can read about them at and you can read about some Texans who think they have one at All I know is I've had pits run through my yard many, many times and never look twice at the pen, so whatever dog or whatever it was was very determined and very...deliberate. It was gruesome and sad and that their last bit of life was being terrorized is a real drag. I miss the eggs but no more chickens for me, for now.

  8. must have been shocking and sad, indeed..........i understand your wanting a break from that possibility for awhile..........