Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Musings

Truthfully, even though it is not that early*, I've been awake a long time so that musing thing has given way to more practical thoughts of 'to do's' and 'to don'ts'. So beyond a tropical storm given us some seriously much needed rain (how seriously much needed was it, MJ? So needed that the water authorities on the big island planned to start rationing water on Wednesday - not sure of the status right now but hoping it was enough to delay that decision seriously needed), it's been pretty quiet around here.

In the quiet, memories of when I first got here surfaced. Rarely hearing vehicles, daily hearing horses hooves. Seeing empty beaches, often. Listening to congas wafting over the water. Knowing any brief times of loud music from surrounding areas meant it was a big holiday. Yes, yes, nostalgia blah blah blah. But enjoyable when it is in the present, si?

My favorite manatee sculpture

Coral tree?

 And now on to the rock and will it roll portion of our show.

Jim says he couldn't see the Indian. Can you?
One rock holding up the world
*This is super late because my connection is so horrible. But it is still Monday and I'm still musing.

Have a mellow MondayEvening. Do something mesmerizing.

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