Thursday, October 16, 2014

Culebra Morn

The dogs where I am housesitting get up and want to get out early, and that's a good thing. Unless I resist for a few more minutes of stretching my brain into the day there is almost always something beautiful to greet my first glimpse outside. Minor interior grumbles that the dogs do not know how to put on their own collars and open the door for themselves turn instantly to out loud ohs and ahs.

I've mentioned what I call the cloud train before, stretching from as far as I can see in the direction of St. Thomas, over us and heading to Vieques. This morning it was very strongly there.

As always, I wish I could be up in the sky, miles to the east to try and capture it in one go. But just as the dogs do not have opposable thumbs, my ability to defy gravity only exists in dreams. So far.

A few hills and a bay away another cat is waiting for breakfast and the whole viewscape is different. The sun has gone behind the clouds and a light rain falls.

Transported within the Culebra dimension, that's all I can guess. But that is Culebra.  She's a changeling. I can relate to that and I do.

Have a time traveling Thursday. Do something tricky without even trying.