Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Time Capsules (photo heavy, fair warning)

You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. - Rod Serling

With yesterday starting around 5 a.m. for a big island trip (the ferry was on time both ways!) I got home unusually tired and instead of making a post, I made a comfy pillow place instead. So in blogland, today is Monday. 

One of my favorite places on Culebra is that little spot in the road, rich in history and beauty. We're spoiled here with a bounty of choices. On Sunday, this was mine.

Up the road a way -

I'd never been on the ferry we took yesterday morning (after all these years, I thought I'd been on every ferry, surprise!). It has very limited seating, with the seats below deck forward very claustrophobic if you have that inclination, and I do. Up top, there are some padded seats and a long board for seats. I got up there relatively last and the padded seats were taken. I took the board for awhile, but as the sun came up and beat down on my head, the bow called. With a bag under my butt it was queenly in the shade, with front row views.

Fajardo has some beautiful trees. Huge trees. There was a mango tree as tall as a four story building, but I couldn't quite capture it, so I went for this one, some sort of mahogany tree, I think.

I've taken photos of this little house many times, sometimes for the blog, sometimes just for me, because it is still there. Just as I was going to click, a little car pulled up, directly in front of it. The woman driving was staring at me in suspicion. Smiling I said, oh, I just love this little home. At that moment, a young man was zooming by on a bicycle and translated what I said to her as he flew by. She started up her car again and moved it forward, so I had a clear shot. All of that took longer to type than it did to happen, but it was a moment easily as good as the house and better.

When I have too much time, wandering the malecon is a good way to pass it until time to go.

Way, way, WAY away I saw this tiny figure. At first I thought it was a man and a woman with a flowing garment on. Then I zoomed in. 

I was hoping he was going to cast his net, but he was done for the day. Apparently this bird and he know his routine well.

There were plenty of pelicans to watch.

I'd love to take photos of people in the waiting room I was in, but I think they frown on that sort of thing. As happens, two of those people on their ways in and out were friends, which always helps time pass more easily. Mission accomplished. 

Life is good.  Have I mentioned that?

Have a timeless Tuesday. Do something tipperreetada!


  1. Nice photos. Just booked plane tickets to San Juan in Dec. Hope to see a few of these things for myself again.