Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello Sun! So Long, You Beautiful Moon!

With shifting homes while housesitting (see you next year, house on one hill!), semi-packing for departure next week and a few other runnings about, my blog head is rattling on empty. Maybe it is because I know that very soon, it will be overflowing with new sights on a new adventure. Anticipation of changes, I've learned (at least for myself), is best dealt with as part of a trip, otherwise my wont toward impatience and fretting about things done and undone can wind me up like a key toy on steroids.

So much for being a mellow island woman. It's only a facade, behind which is a twitchy, stomach roiling, teeth chattering semi-psycho calmed only by the beauty of where I live and good friends. And the cat who owns me; she is a pretty excellent drug of choice for laughter and tranquillo.

And that reminds me - to quell all rumors to the contrary (and a head's up to those who have already started planning to take over the shack, you know who you are!), I am NOT moving away from Culebra! I'm only making it easier for my gone away time a few months a year to be more mobile, with my home surrounding me. Independence from motels, floors, tents, porches and basements, along with an easy change of scenery at a very slow pace.

Fortunately, it isn't hard to find calm when I can wake up to mornings like this. Why would I move away from this? I may be some kind of crazy, but not that kind of crazy.

Have a wonder full Wednesday. Do something.

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