Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Now Return to Our Regular Programming. Island Time Late.

With Gonzalo interrupting our holiday weekend (and being very thankful it didn't interrupt our entire lives as on Sint Maarten, Antigua and a couple of other islands), I'm finally getting around to posting about a tiny house that I really love.

I've mentioned Texas Tiny Houses (not to be confused with Texas Tiny Homes, a very different ballgame) before and have been watching this build for awhile. Now it's done and it is beautiful.  Incredibly, the footprint of this home is only 12 x 20. And it is for rent too, so you can check out how tiny living really feels.

All photos are from Canyon Lake Cottage Rental on Homeaway.

Does it get more cozy than this?

Such a different loft treatment, beautiful and practical for more space as well

I don't imagine that's where the television/DVD set up is when the stove is being used.
Some really nice outdoor living space

How you move a tiny house
Ok, I'd want a real stove and oven in the kitchen. And I don't know if those stained glass windows open or not, but I'd want some of them to have a center pivot to let in more air and light. But that's about it for modifications I can come up with. There is an outdoor kitchen but Texas can get cold and it's been made quite obvious on this blog how I feel about being cold...

Have a warmhearted Wednesday. Do something wisely.

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