Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making Rainbows

We've been having very occasional showers here lately and every bit of each one is welcome, resulting in plants looking happier. With the sun still doing a summer like beat down, moisture in the ground can almost be heard being sucked away. Except for the moisture of sweat. That seems to be a constant. Maybe I need more clay in my skin.

Another thing rain brings is rainbows but I've been missing them lately. Even though the places I've  been housesitting have awesome views, the rainbows remain out of sight, around a corner, hiding in some part of the sky unavailable to my searching eyes. It's not like I am searching real hard, like some stormchasers rushing to the Batmobile like vehicles they use at the first word of an approaching weather system, with a 360 periscope view of the land and water scapes. I am not.

Ok, that's not entirely true, sometimes I chase rainbows, but the rainbow window closes fast these days, so the lazy way is my way right now. Instead, I found a rainbow in the yard here, one I've shown before but different. 

Only days ago I was looking at this rainbow eucalyptus and it was in a boringly brown state. But with just a bit of rain, the bark has started to lift and separate, revealing layers of color previously hidden. I'm sure I could extrapolate a whole lot of deep meaning from that, but I'll leave that to you, dear reader.

This tree is close to a fence, with some power lines running through its branches. I wish it was in the middle of a parklike yard with lush grass so I could spread out a cloth and supine, gaze up that trunk of color;  but substituting that for the pleasure of it up close, while upright, is fine. For now.

Tossing in a little throwback Thursday, I found this from a few years back. I found some other photos from other years on this date, but one was a pornographic pepper I'd grown or political bits and they just weren't working for me, . This did.

An October 23rd night at Dinghy Dock (which will be re-opening real soon!)
Have a try for truth Thursday. Do something towering.


  1. Great full moon shot. It is so hard to get good perspective with a moon shot. I want to see that eucalyptus tree. Beautiful bark.

    1. I love that moon shot, that camera was wonderful for them. Remind me when you're here, I'll bring you by to see it.