Saturday, October 25, 2014

Welcome Back, Conrad & Ann!

And welcome back to my housesitting folks too. I have no doubt that, as much as your critters like me, they are thrilled to have you home! I know Cwim is glad to have me serve her in a more timely manner. Her time.

Yes, the fan is now perfect, human. I'll let you know when I need your services again.
Last night felt like a combination of New Year's Eve and Memory Lane out on the street. Conrad came over from Vieques (finally!) and Ann is here for awhile too. When we heard that Conrad would be playing guitar in front of The Spot it seemed like a perfect set up for a very good time. And so it was.


Walter and Conrad made some great music. I sang a bit. Yeah, it was like that.

Shirley, happy to see Conrad

Chiqutine and Conrad and angels up on high
This morning, happy to finally be back in my own bed, it was pretty obvious that I was home. A horse, strolling through the yard...

The cat and I opened our eyes to this view

From mellow to a fast run out of the yard this chicken, who, in my absence, made a nest in my outside/inside bathroom. First I saw the eggs, then Mama. She went through a shower with me, not flinching. And she doesn't peck my feet when I am enthroned, so I guess she can stay around.

She is pretty. And very, very stoic.
Between last night's fun and being woken early by the cat, because she can, and then re-woken by the horse, it was nice to go in the yard and gather the makings for tea. Tea and quiet. Yes.

Have a shhhhhh Saturday. Do something soothing.  


  1. Your writing is a soothing as tea brewing -- Lori

    1. Oh, thank you, Lori. You can raid my yard for tea makings anytime.