Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another Fajardo Day

If you must go to the big island (and for me, it's almost always a 'must go' rather than going over to hang out, which can be way big fun), there is only one emphatic rule. Make yourself buy what you really need to buy. Don't try to cheat. It WILL bite you in - well, everywhere. 

Surprise! 6 o'clock ferry over.
Lucky for those of us who are always early for no particular reason at all.
 I know this rule but ignored it. Thus, back to Fajardo I went. For one errand, where the place I needed to go was open already at 8. Errand took 14 1/3 minutes. Ferry doesn't go home until 3. Do the math. Live the rule. 

It was a beautiful way to start the day
There was that once in a while clarity to the air, where in the middle, Culebra and the big island looked just as big as they do up close.

It was one of those days that even with El Yunque covered up.
Truthfully, though we often enjoy not quite whining about going to Fajardo, it wasn't really that bad. I decided to entertain myself with a lot of walking. 

The Skipper Shop, which is where I had to go, is located close to the marinas. The top of the street is loaded with lots of things marine, including a few restaurants and bars and a liquor store. It was too early to drink and I'm not really a breakfast person (except when I am), so after making my purchases I gravitated to the water down a road I've been on in a car a couple of times but never walked.

The first thing I stopped for was this restaurant but a lot more.
 This place doesn't open until 3 so I can't tell you anything about it food, drink or people wise. I can tell you it was weird in a very cool way. Spread out over probably an acre is a water front restaurant, the kind where the windows are hooked open or shut (I forgot to take a close up photo of the actual building *forehead smack*) where the cooking is done but you can tell most everything else happens outside. 

I'm guessing that truck bed might be used for a stage?

This is one of the decks. Not a bad view.
(it's also the second photo taken with my new phone camera
and no, it's not an iPhone)
After hanging out here awhile it was getting to be a seriously bright day, despite the forecast. Heeding the valor of walking in less heat than more, it was time to head back to the ferry. I already had had my splurges the other day so it was either entertain myself or go buy a bunch of things I didn't need. I chose entertainment.

Creativeness at work
I was so glad I headed the wrong way at first because I would have missed these tire seats! 

My walk took me over the not steep at all hills and dales with water in almost every view. The neighborhoods were quiet until right at the end when a cute little yapper out in the street started protecting his home ground. As long as I stayed on the other side of the street, all was well. 
Except for a slight bit of embarrassment when a man drove slowly by, looking at me and looking at the dog I was obviously avoiding. Easy for him to laugh, he was in a CAR!

View between two homes
And then, five steps past the dog, there I was, back in the area I know so well. 

It's spelled Vieques. It's pronounced VEE-ACHE-US

I haven't walked this way in so long I forgot about this place.

What are these? They are amazing.
Heading away from the ferry instead of toward it is a good way to spend some time. There's a little place to eat, usually some men playing dominoes, and sometimes more. 

That clarity took over. The top of El Yunque!

I didn't want to interrupt the domino players but this guy was amenable.
"May I take a photograph of you?" "Grunt" with nod of assent."Gracias!"
Running into a friend I see all the time but never really get to hang out with made the rest of the day go by faster than it would have. 

Oh, except I did have a slow, lazy lunch: sautéed chicken breast with rice and beans and sweet plantains, at Las Delicias (on the corner). It was really good. So good that some tourist from the next table asked what I was eating (I really was almost done; was I smacking my lips in food happiness?), saying "Excuse me, ma'am, but could you tell me what are you eating? It looks so very good." Really, he said it just like that - and then he ordered it. 

AND we got the passenger ferry home, making it in one hour!! Life is sweet.

Have a savory Saturday. Do something sensibly silly.


  1. another great post, thank you. i imagine i will have to trek "over there" at some point for some art supplies i have been needing to get, and some other electronic-y things. getting settled has been overwhelming, but i think mostly just in my own way too much!

  2. Often being in our own way is the case, but stepping aside (or stepping on the ferry) isn't really a trial for the rewards.

  3. The yellow flowers MIGHT be Cassia flowers (see; it's hard to tell without seeing the leaves. Whatever they are, they are indeed amazing!

    1. Very well could be. I looked at a few more photos with the leaves showing and they look real close to the same (apparently there are lots of types of cassia blooms!). Thanks!