Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What's Been Going On?

The view has grabbed me and I'm not letting go!

Well, this isn't what I want to see out there!

Oh wait! This is called 'A Mid-Winter Day'

We got a bit of rain on this morning

The sky was changing every minute. Literally.

A sun benediction 


Then the color changed too

Is that a spaceship?

Finally it was too blinding to look at anymore.
Blinded by the light, I believe that's called.

Oh. Did you know our sewer fittings are made in India?

The red boat series

When most boats are white, the ones with color really stand out.
It was later in the afternoon and this boat was headed out.

Birds swooped around it.
I'm sure it had some deeper meaning I can't articulate.

Mainsail up! Farewell!
Yesterday was an over to the big island day.

The morning star was blazing. I know that's hard to tell but it really was.

Railside watchers
One of the many things I love is that so many of us who live here act like tourists on the ferry, never tiring of the in your face beauty all around us at dawn.

p.s. to those people who came over early and left a two handed handful of trash on the ferry - there are trash cans available, just so you know.

Hello Sun! So long for awhile, Culebra!

The cloud train over Vieques
And David Bowie died, leaving any of us who ever listened to even one of his songs with thankfulness that he shared his stardust. 

So yeah, that's pretty much what's been going on. In between one needs to eat, drink and do some odds and ends but everything eventually comes back to the sometimes blinding beauty of our little world here. Our golden days and years.

Have a wistful Wednesday. Do something warmheartedly (un)wavering.

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