Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Melones Art

After waiting out some rain storms yesterday, Melones seemed like a good spot to hit the water. Luckily for us, it was after two tour boats with approximately 100 people AND jet skis had left. I believe that would be illegal in the reserve. I wasn't there to see or report it - maybe that sign with all the do's and don't's on it could have the DRNA phone number posted as well, for violators, so that locals and tourists who care about saving what's left can call these incidences in.

What these  !@#$%* on and off island tour operators don't seem care about is that (same for Tamarindo, where feeding the turtles with dog food!, standing on coral and again, overuse) these practices will, in the not distant future, destroy the very things they are there to see; they'll just go find another beautiful, relatively unspoiled place to ruin. Ask around the Caribbean. It's been done many times before and sadly, won't abate unless great care and enforcement are exercised. Okay, soapboxing done.

All was quiet on our arrival. Being the cold water wuss that I am, I stayed on/shin deep to the shore while braver souls took the plunge. In looking around, artists had been at work. I missed some - the dusky sky filled with hungry no-see-ums - that will be for a later date.

This is what first caught my eye, that something was going on

Photographs don't really capture the imaginative whimsy here. I went back for a closer look. 

Hearts are us

I was seeing all manner of animals and other objects that might have just been my imagination or it might have been intention. Whatever was going on, it was really enjoyable and fun. I hope they stand the test of time for awhile.

Thank you, Melones!
Have a tangential Tuesday. Do something temporarily timeless.


  1. Yes, sadly you're right, Culebra will lose it's soul to the greedy. That's what brought us to Culebra 11 years ago, we had been run out of the places that had been run over.

    1. What Tourism doesn't seem to understand is that people can go anywhere in the world and find these things. They come to Culebra because it is different, it is itself, not just like every place else. And as soon as it is, the tourists will go someplace else and the ones we get will not be the ones who care about our environment, especially if tour operators don't bother teaching them not only to care but to not abuse the precious sea and sea life we have. Instead, they trample, run over, overuse...ok. Anyway.

    2. Perfectly put, my friend.

    3. Don't know about perfect, but I know about love.