Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ So Long!

Some things stay and some things go. Sometimes, it's time to go.

Because I've been realizing for awhile that there is, these days, a plethora of tiny home / small home sites (unlike not so long ago when if you looked for tiny homes you came up with playhouses for kids or garden sheds), I'm going to drop the Tiny Home Tuesday postings. Which I've sort of already done, but this time it's formal! 

Unless I see some place so extraordinary or just plain brilliant or beautiful. Then I'll post it like I used to do, without a special day for it. If you run across something you want to share from your part of the globe, send it in; I'd love to see it and share it too.

The moon is neither tiny nor home-like but it draws me just the same.
But if you need one more hit, here are some different tiny homes. Some I like, some not so much but different tastes are a good thing; sometimes we get to be surprised by learning to like something out of our normal realms and oh joy! at that.

Have a turnaround Tuesday. Do something tolerantly. 


  1. It's my observation that tiny homes - truly tiny homes, not just small ones - are highly over-rated and are pretty much a fad that has been capitalized on by a few promoter-builders.

    Just sayin'....

    1. Observation, opinion, fair enough. I don't agree on the over-rated part, but I do think they've taken a turn that is being over-commercialized and exploited, which is the nature of most good things. Having lived in tiny/small homes for most of my life, by choice, I've always found them to be a great way to live. And being that most in the world live much differently, and much smaller, than the Western way (not always by choice), I'm not alone. Oops, did I go off on this, just a tiny bit?

    2. My 'observation, opinion' (and I agree with your analysis) is based in five years of living tiny in 280 sq. ft. with a wife and teen-aged daughter back in the '70's in the rainy Northwest. It got pretty cramped and less joyful as time wore on. We eventually moved into an 1100 sq. ft. home which gave us the opportunity to not see/stumble over each other for hours at a time.

      Cheers, Martin

    3. Point well made!!! Yes, I'm not sure how people do it with families in the really tiny places but plenty do. I'd probably need a treehouse hide out.