Thursday, January 14, 2016

Out and About Culebra

There was a fair bit more out and about than this post reflects but it brought home to me again that if you want to know what is going on around Culebra (and if you want to get anything done, for that matter), the best way is to hit the few streets of town. Maybe you have a mission, but even if you don't, things you want to have happen usually move forward by running into the right person at the right time. 

No, I wasn't expecting to run into this person
Example: I was waiting for my new phone to arrive and then I was waiting for the Post Office to re-open after lunch. The guy I wanted to talk to just 'happened' to be standing on the corner talking to another friend. Of course he was, that's who I needed to see most at that particular moment. I am, by far, not the only person to whom this occurs. Talk to anyone from here and you'll hear the same story over and over. 'Well,' you might say, 'it's a tiny place, of course you're going to run into everyone.' Except that isn't why. Believe it or not.

These were growing in a window box. Under the wood shavings.
Walt has a very good eye for small beauty.

Flower from the Cupey tree. I'd never seen one before.
Thanks for bringing that around, Myrna!!
This dropped off someone's vehicle and picked up by Myrna.
There are some good fittings in there.
Hopefully, it's been reunited with its owner.
I was told the surf was really high at Flamenco. Not as high as the day before, but impressive nonetheless. Looking at photos from earlier in the day by the couple that told me, it was a trip worth taking.

I think the waves weren't even as high as a few hours earlier
but it was still unusual for Flamenco 

Plenty of ions here to feel the power
With errands to run and chores to accomplish, the day is already getting by me. If half the list gets done, it will be an excellent 24 hours. May yours be even better.

Have a thematic Thursday. Do something thunderous.


  1. and "thrilling". i love reading your posts. thank you

    1. Oh! Thrilling is good. You are very welcome; thank you!