Monday, January 4, 2016

Save What's Left ~ Culebra

Yesterday's walkabout. Ok, it wasn't a real walkabout, it was a head to the houseboat and keep on painting and putting up baseboards and then re-paint because of the drips, finally figuring anyone looking that close won't be invited over anyway walk.

Lots of private planes 
Later in the day I saw the orange one and the white one with the blue tail take off. They look like they have floatation pods as well as wheels. I want a ride!

Dear Mayor Ivan: please do not renew this ship's permit.
It does damage, doesn't help Culebra and needs to go elsewhere.

Obviously the people on this corner put feed out for the chickens on this scrap of foam.
I'd love to get them a metal bowl to do the same before the birds eat more of the foam.
Or it blows away. Into the water.


Choose your Culebra. 

Winter in the bay

On the way home I noticed this flower...if it is a flower. I know I've seen it before but maybe because I was so close, I really saw it, in all of its stages. It looked beautiful and slightly malevolent at the same time.

Does anyone know its name?

The other day I was coming into the driveway and a little bird flew out of this tree, hopping and flapping its wings. It was hard to tell if it was a baby that was hurt or just a baby testing its wings. I decided to leave it alone and keep an eye on it. Yesterday it did the same thing. I looked a little closer at where it came from and realized it was a Mama doing the 'I'm injured! Look at me and not my babies!' dance. 

Nature is.

Have a motionful Monday. Do something minutely mesmerizing.


  1. The orange seed pod looks like Balsam Apple, apparently native to Africa and apparently quite at home all through my Culebra hedges. The Common Ground Doves put on quite a broken-wing display if you approach the nest around the time the young are hatching. It's better than most Hollywood acting!

    1. I looked it up and you are absolutely correct! Interesting plant, and the outer rind and seeds are poisonous, though apparently it can be used to treat wounds (not sure what part though). Thanks! And yes, the doves are really entertaining, thanks more for the identification of the birds.

  2. Love the doves! Hope the chicks stop eating the foam! :O

  3. I went by today and the foam is gone :)