Monday, January 18, 2016

Some of This and That and Martin Luther King Jr. Too

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He gave us so many excellent quotes, almost all of them that are well known today having to do with accepting one another for what we live and example in our lives rather than the shell our souls and beings happen to be carried around in. Strong words of exhortation that are as valid, or even more so, today as when he said them. But fear (which is what most hatred is based on) of differentness has been going on since the beginnings of humanity, no matter what your belief system says about when that started. Be on the other side of the coin, the side of love. It's a life-long journey; keep your thumb out - occasionally someone will stop and help you along the way so that you are reminded to return the favor when you can.

And therein lies sanity.
Yesterday was gloriously beautiful around these parts. The water in the bay got stripier and stripier (technical jargon for stripey) as some interesting boats came in and out.

One very interesting boat!
Because I was on a steel boat when I wrecked my arm taking care of rust, I can't help but see the rust here. But it looks like it would be a great boat to go exploring...well, just about anything, anywhere there's water.

Pretty darn sleek, whether you like this sort of thing or not.

Then I was looking a little more and realized we have these two boats, on opposite sides of the bay. I didn't realize there were two of them. Even though I see them so often, somehow they were, in my head, one boat. 

Obviously they are not the same but sometimes I don't see what I am looking at. Case in point above.

See? Stripey.
The following has nothing to do with the sea. This is Kobie, my daughter and her kids dog, and it was his birthday. This photo was so perfectly him, I have to share it.

Happy birthday, Kobie (affectionately known as The Alien)
Have a migrating Monday. Do something moveable. 


  1. yes, that red hulled steel boat is very interesting and i would think , draw lots of attn from drug enforcement agencies..!! It also could be a treasure hunting type vessel......

    1. It did look like an old expedition boat. Gone now but I was really curious what the story was! Another Culebra mystery.