Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Special

The wind is up, the wind is flat gone. The sky is blue, the sun is spreading warm. A perfect day of Spring, which only lasts a minute around here, giving way to the hot breaths of summer long before the calendar says it's so. The gardens cry out for more water by late afternoon as fruit and veg on the vine ripen faster than ever. While most of America is preparing to plant, we prepare to let things rest for awhile. The rules are different here...again.

This fellow was sitting on my CD player for two days. I thought he was dead but then...he looked at me. Truthfully, it was a little creepy in a cute sort of way. Even the cat stayed away from him. He left early this morning...outside, I hope.

I don't know why the CWIM was in this absolute model pose while I was watering the gardens. Very unlike her, but there it was and I had to obey the camera's urges.

Who's catching fish now? It's the little things...


  1. When I read the Calendar, I couldn't believe my eyes. I expect Jim to allow both sides to speak, but there has been a worrisome editorial shift as of late.

    Only one word for Luz' article: Disbelief. I wonder if certain folks are being dealt in???

  2. My good friend Martha told me about your blog. It's quite wonderful. I missed Culebra this year, but hopefully next!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, June and welcome. If you live near Martha, give her a hug from me, please!