Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thanks for the moments, thanks for the memories

I got a call from Eric that Gail died in the wee hours of this morning. She was on schedule to come back to Culebra today to make that exit from here, but it didn't happen that way. I know she is glad to be out of that hospital, and I'm glad for her.

Friends and family will be taking many trips down memory lane in the following days and nights, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying. Because one thing is for sure, Gail didn't choose to go gently into that good night, not taking her leaving any differently than she lived, and that was a big part of what made Gail...Gail.

Eric doesn't stop amazing me with his maturity and huge love for his mother. He shares a passionate core that we knew in Gail - some traits are too powerful to resist, and I'm glad Eric doesn't even try. What a legacy, mother-loved well.

I'll miss you.


  1. So sorry, yet also relieved, to hear of Gails' passing, she wasn't the type to stay in one spot for long if I remember right...

  2. Good night, Gail (story behind that; I'll tell you in person one day). I was honored this past January when Gail approached me and introduced herself. I hate the part of the tourist that is me which prohibits me from introducing myself to locals, but I am always honored when someone introduces themself to me. It makes me feel much more a part of my adopted community. I know she will be missed by all of her dear friends on Culebra and everywhere.

  3. She stayed in one spot a very long time and left a strong mark, but the last place, yes, she wasn't wanting to hang out there for any long time. We're here to welcome her home.

  4. Missed, even in Missouri...Gail, last time you spoke to me, you told me I'd find MJ at Dinghy. I hope, with all that's just, that someone repays you and points out where Sharky and Fidel are grilling pulpo for Lana...

  5. wonderful picture filled with years of memories and laughter....and Doug -- what a scary thought -- Gail and Lana and then throw in Bobby Cenerino. and here I thought it was thunder i hear last night..