Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was just another Monday in Paradox

The first thing that struck my eye once in town (and almost broke Chris' neck) was this woman walking by. I couldn't walk in those shoes on a basketball court, let alone our horrendously torn up roads, and yet she managed, quite gracefully. I was mesmerized by the how of it and I still can't figure it out. Maybe it's just practice, practice, practice...

The rest of the day went by at a slow lope...quiet time at the cart (except for me coughing, must be time to start wearing The Mask...). It was not quiet at the intersection by Hotel Puerto Rico and Galleria where, for the 17th time, a hole was dug, blocking the street. I think at this point it's all become a fireman drill...putting out flames rather than doing real work toward completion of this disaster project. Yesterday I heard from no less than three people that there is no apparent plan anyone can decipher, and I agree. One man said it well as we stood in front of his house talking. "In America, they make a plan, and it gets done! These men , these men...they are just looking at the sky!"

But the best part of the day was coming - other than going home, which is always the best part of my day - with the upcoming music of Anni Clarke at Susie's restaurant. She was, as promised, a delight. At times low and mellow, turning funky blues and finishing up with great humour in her Maine song, which had many Culebra applications, minus mud and snow. With only her voice and acoustic guitar the sound level was perfect, even for those sitting at the outside bar. At one point we were up and dancing (thanks Digna, Myrna and the rest...one day I'll learn how to really dance...not like you all though!), with a lot of laughter going on in out of beat measures.

Here are some photos of the night:

Anni singing Anni

It was how big??

Anni makiing us laugh with the Maine song

I think Greg is happy here and Danni looks pretty blissed herself

Channeling Rikki Lee Jones via Bonnie Raitt via Anni and doing a fine job of it!

An absolutely gratuitous shot of Jacinto's butt

You sing it, girl!

Hi Chuck! (Celestial Chuck, that is)

Susie gets a moment to watch

Some musician talk goin' on

Friends old & new


  1. can't say Maine women aren't cool!! Glad you all had a good time, and sometime you should come up and see our mud.....and nice butt shot!

  2. Now who said Maine women aren't cool? NO one! Glad that a Maine woman could appreciate a Culebra butt shot...who said our guys don't have cute butts?

  3. I'm sorry - once I saw Jacinto's butt, I forgot everything else you were writing about. :-)

  4. debbie, I so very much understand...and that's all I can write about that!