Friday, April 24, 2009

There's always something

Not being in the most chipperoo of moods today I was going to forego today's post. Something had happened earlier but I thought, oh well, that was sort of funny and interesting but, I can post that tomorrow. But then something else just happened and if there is one thing that always brings me out of a down place in my world, it's getting my feathers ruffled over something. Maybe this isn't even something to get mad about, but I did anyway.

The first thing was my landlord Greg, who was working on his boat, coming to the door to tell me that there were a hundred or so sea gulls on the roof of my houseboat. I'd heard a lot of them earlier but in my 'I don't really care' mode I didn't look. But...the idea of a hundred gulls pooping on the houseboat, well, that got me up. And there they were. Truly, as Greg said, carpeting the roof. It was time to investigate.

First I had to bail the dinghy of the lovely rain we got yesterday. Then I zoomed off (at 2 mph) to the houseboat. They weren't even twitching. I kept getting closer and they kept ignoring me. They didn't ignore the air horn I blew though. I made sure to stay well clear as 'scaring the shit out of them' was a distinct possibility. I'd also brought along a whirly gig. Stepping onto the house boat I saw about 20 very dead sardines in a pile. And look, another pile...and another. Why, you might be wondering, were there piles of sardines around the walkways of the houseboat? Why ask why? It's Culebra. I probably blew a big party...oh well. They flew away, and then flew back once I was on my own dock again, but without lighting on the houseboat again. Maybe the whirly gig I taped up there was working. Finally they flew over to bedevil someone else with their insane laughter...(and by the way, I love the laughing gulls...usually).

The second thing was, I was peacefully lying in bed, reading, in the full dark of early night when the hell sound of the huge catepillar machine came by. I couldn't and wouldn't imagine what they were doing at night, heading toward Zoni. After awhile, back it came and sounded like it was coming in my door. So I get up and go out to the street to look and damned if they aren't using it to transport a HUGE palm tree! This machine tears the heck out of the roads, by the way. So I run back to the house, grab my camera, get in the car and follow it, because I knew it was on the property behind the screaming church, right around the corner from me. I have no idea what is going on there, but trailers have been put up, construction is going on, porches are being put on the trailers and palm trees are being put in. Unfortunately it had gotten inside the hugely chainfenced yard, but at least I have a photo to show I'm not just making this stuff up. Which I could be. But I'm not. Ring ring...oh Mr. Environmental Guy Rocky? I'll see you Monday...

As for What's in that...Friday. Next weeks, compadres. Next week.


  1. Now that's right out of "Don't stop the carnival". Can't wait to see what you title your book.

  2. "When I'm Queen of the World, Things are going to be Different Around Here"