Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What about Wednesday?

Sometimes there is just not much to say about Wednesday and this one more than most in recent times. It is quiet on the island...very quiet. People wise. On the other hand, the hills are alive with the sounds of machines. Bashing streets, plugging leaks, cutting off phones & water. Making life in town miserable, basically. But as I told Rocky today when he advised me not to worry, "I don't worry anymore. It doesn't do any good." Silently adding, I'm crazy enough as it is and finally tired of talking about the insanity going on here. I know they are tired of it as well, but that no longer stirs of feelings of sympathy. It barely stirs any feelings at all other than, who is getting screwed business wise this week?

Somehow, it almost always, whatever is being torn up in town, involves my friend Ann, at Paradise Gifts. I swear she has lost over a solid month of business at important times this year due to digging and re-digging and closing her street off for one reason or another. She, unlike me, acknowleges without howling. Whereas I want them to hand her a check of big compensation and then send her to El Convento for a weekend with gift certs to every good restaurant in San Juan. And then add a letter of respectful apology (hey, it's my fantasy, I can do what I want here!) for all the trials they have caused. But hey, that's just a thought of a Wednesday variety. I just want some new gravel. And quiet...quiet smiles, quiet enjoyment, quiet streets. Quiet. Tranquillo. Yes, that Culebra.

Slumpy Wednesday. I played with making things that I didn't finish. I mailed off packages. I sat at the cart so long that people were asking what was tilting life in the universe of Culebra. At home, plants got transplanted and seeds got new homes. Thanks, Lori! Lori brought me seeds to choose from that she got in California, all organic, some heirloom. So now I'll be watching for three kinds of tomatoes, sugar snap peas, scallions, Thai peppers and something else I can't remember to sprout out of their nests of beautiful dirt.

Everything else in the gardens is looking lush these days. The tomatoes have gone into round two of giving, the peppers have gone insane. Stuff from seeds my brother gave me that I have no idea what they are are all thriving. Wish I knew what they were...herbs are happy too...with now three kinds of basil (out of a few more than dozens of types) are fragrancing up the yard when I water. Now...if the avocado trees would bloom, I'd be over the new sliver of moon with joy. But they will when they will..hey it's only been six years....
There was a lot of chatting at the cart today. I don't really remember much of it...street talk. I'm the best person to gossip to because I don't remember who tells me things and rarely remember what they told me unless I'm sure it's true, and still I forget most of it. Which might be why I think I don't hear much gossip. Maybe I do and just don't remember it. Why isn't there more happy gossip anyway? I'll have to ask that. When things get really slow in the off times and we're all a little grumpy, I'm often tempted to put up a sign saying, No Whining Stories Here Today, This Means Me Too. Maybe this will be the year.

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