Tuesday, February 19, 2013

About That Holiday...

I remembered everything about Presidents' Day except that our good Doctor would not be in his office for a chat. I didn't realize I didn't remember until I was almost in town and was, thankfully, reminded by someone with a younger, better functioning memory than my own. But why waste a perfectly good trip to town when I could go walkabout rather than immediately turning around and going home? There is always something and/or someone to see there and the time was already taken. Exchanging activities is like changing shoes; it only depends on what you decide you need to be doing.

When the first person I saw was Don Jose, working on his ships, I knew there really was no error made.

I hadn't been to the public dock for a while. Anything can be going on there; this early in the morning, it was quiet and peaceful. Something about that is contagious if you stay still long enough to catch it. I almost did.

Sun and clouds played tag all day, teasing us with light and shadow, and cloud formations dwarfing the land and the sea. Not too easy, that.

Back on earth, this youngster was crashing through the bush. I'm not sure I've ever seen an iguana move so fast. I told him that wasn't a bad idea, since I've seen enough iguanas lately who didn't move fast enough and then never moved again after encounters with humans driving vehicles thoughtlessly. I still don't get being in such a hurry here, one more minute to get to a destination probably will not end the world.

Back at home, the orchids had exploded open. One day I really will sit and watch this happen, as it only takes hours to go from tightly closed but for a bit of frill to fully opened thrill. I've certainly spent less productive hours like errant coins in my pocket.

Have a taste the topnote Tuesday. Do something  that takes tiptoes to touch.

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