Saturday, February 9, 2013

If You Will Turn Your Attention Up the Road a Moment...

While it was postcard winter weather of the Wish You Were Here variety on Culebra, up in the Northeast of the US, a blizzard the Weather Channel named Nemo was covering that world with snow. I didn't get the Nemo reference until I read this.

"The Weather Channel writes that the storm’s name was actually not inspired by the animated orange clownfish, but rather for it’s meaning: “A Greek boy’s name meaning ‘from the valley,’  means ‘nobody’ in Latin.”

There's more, and it's a pretty funny article. Laughing at the Weather Channel is something like a team sport around here and this writer is weighing in as a serious player. But wait! There's more!

photo credit: Wael Omar Moathen ‏
From various facebook postings, no one seemed to be complaining much, except about the Weather Channel coverage of the storm (that might have changed overnight, we'll see). I don't own a television, but I get the feeling I haven't missed much. So far, my favorite comment is this one, from the National Geographic Newswatch site:

February 8, 4:35 pm

The Buffoons and Cartoon-Like Characters at the Weather Channel with their Leprechaun-like forecasters like Forbes who jumps around, flailing his hands like a berserk, out of control puppet .. ..Cantore who is so short he appears to be a weight-lifting Troll .. women forecasters who eyebrows go up & down at such a feverish pitch that you expect them to explode in flames .. who are all more suited to be actors on a very bad hollyrot sound stage ( what can you expect .. they are owned by NBC ! lol ) They make a mockery of all the really hardworking meteorologists who do their serious work everyday without being clowns and shills .. and obviously praying for awful weather so they can scare the bejabbers out of everyone .. And now these idiots are naming Winter storms ?? .. Good Grief .. What unabashed, stupid, idiotic arrogance …. Don’t go away mad .. Just Go Away !!!!

Nat Geo is requesting blizzard photos and will consider publishing certain submissions in their magazine, so if you've got a yen to be a Nat Geo photog, and who doesn't? and you can SAFELY get some great shots, you might check out the link above.
On the un-funny side, there are thousands now without power, with outages that could last a few days or more. With people still getting their lives back on track after Hurricane Sandy, this will only continue a year that must seem to be from weather hell. I hope people can stay warm and be safe. Don't be written up in the paper injured or dead for doing something completely unnecessary and dangerous or just incredibly stupid. I hate it when that happens. 
 This is completely unnecessary and incredibly stupid, but he's doing both so well!
Robert Burck, aka the "Naked Cowboy," performs in Times Square as it snows Friday.  Frank Franklin II, AP
You can read all about this guy here, but I will warn you right now, you've got better things to do.

Last night at Dinghy Dock the Two Dougs & Mariel  (I want to name them The Arrhythmics; they are not enthused) kept our ears and spirits happy. Every week their song list is growing and we get the benefits. I also got to spend some time with friends from the big island, a treat and a pleasure, as always. 

Of course, there were the usual suspects, out in force. 

Sitting in front of Tony and Mike was what might be the biggest lobster something or other - it was all gone by the time I saw it - served on Culebra. Or maybe not. It looked gigantic to me! Paul is trying not to drool. Well done!

Jeff paid Chuck a lot of money a compliment of honor, wanting to be in a photo with him. 
There was a lot of love running around last night. Faces were brighter, smiles were warmer, conversations struck up and not down. Or maybe I was having residual hot flashes and it just seemed that way to me. Not a bad thing at all.
Bevy of beauties
We don't miss snow here. Sure, the idea of being stuck in a perfectly warm cabin with a lovely fire and good company, good food, good wine strikes a chord. And as soon as they have that transporter thing fixed, I'm going to do just that the next time there is a blizzard. Cabin suggestions are welcome. I'll find the company myself, thank you!

Have a  set your snowbird free Saturday. Do something suggestive.

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