Saturday, February 23, 2013

Set It Up Saturday!

Today I'll be sitting streetside with some hot sauce, along with various and sundry odds and ends, a peddler if you will. Maybe I'll see you! No, no bread yet, sorry. Yes, this was a unpaid commercial, and I approve.

Full on the 25th!
Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, or Wolf Moon, Trapper's Moon, Budding Moon, Bony Moon, Little Famine Moon, Raccoon Moon. Moon When Trees Pop, Moon of Ice, and Storm Moon are a few of the very descriptive names from various cultures for the February full moon. Doesn't anyone in tropical climates name the moon? Should we have a contest? You could win the moon!

In boats, there is no normal.
I love the way light works its magic, telescoping the world in whatever is the opposite of a kaleidoscope's shattering refractions.  Those days when far is near and near is almost blindingly close, with clarity turning even my old eyes into super-hero vision.

Remember Highlights for Children Hidden Pictures? How many airplanes do you see>
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, dawning fast turning to sunrise, the air blanket weight bare foot cool. Outside my window, on the edge of the hill, grey is turning to orange, with flashes of blue. The chicks are calling my poetically. 'Food server! Food server! Now! Now!' At least the cat has the grace to pretend she'd like a bit of a snuggle first.

Have a set yourself up for a sated Saturday! Do something supreme-o!

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