Monday, February 11, 2013

Enough Culebra Sunday to Last All Week

The last few days have been really beautiful here. I'd love to write that more elegantly, but even if I had it within me, words just aren't enough sometimes. I can write that a lot of people are feeling this energy, a heightened-ness of senses, an expectation of who knows what.

"It's a beautiful day, comin' up strong, look out, the sun's gonna hit ya in the eye!"
~an old Cowboy tune

But before I go too far down the dangerous road of lyrical expression, I'll just let some (too many, I know) photos speak instead.

On the way to Genesis, that's where this day first hit me in the eye

Out at Dakity, I watched one of the prettiest tri's glide in. Hey, Buddy John!

Sun and clouds were competing most of the day, with the occasional mini-twister for interest's sake.

The cloud road stretched from the big island to St. Thomas

Kayakers on the reef

They only look like they are headed for a grounding.

That sun on water thing again, when stars fall into the sea

I think someone is messing with Sail Rock. It doesn't really belong there.

More kayak/fording

Sippy Cup Neal and his wife came out for the afternoon. Of course we had our sippy cups. Less spills for Francie on the houseboat.

And that's how the day felt. All day.

Like this!

Or just enjoying the view.

Lauren and Jo. Yes, that is Lauren smiling. That's for you, Jo!

It seemed so sudden, but it was time for everyone to head home. Bye, y'all!

Another beautiful Sunday Funday. See you next time, Dakity.
Have a maximal Monday. Do something not in the manual.

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