Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sort It Out Saturday

There was no Free Range Friday because I went to Fajardo for arm X-rays, a little matter I'd put off long enough (well, there WAS a Friday and it probably had its share of Free Rangedness, but not here on this blog).

Of course, the day I swore I'd do it was rainy, windy, with rough seas - meaning, no sitting up top, but freezing below. Having lived here coming on eleven years, one would think I'd have known to bring a jacket and a covering of some sort, knowing it was going to rain at least part of the way over, but nooooo.

The always fun part of doing anything official on the big island is you never know how long you will be doing it, or if you will get to do it at all. But the moment I stepped off the ferry everything went my way. Our go-to taxi guy Al was there (without me calling him, which would have been another good idea), we got right to the place, where I took my number, with only three people ahead of me. Filling out forms went smoothly, the X-rays only took a minute and I was back out on the street to wait for Al to pick me up. It was very disorienting.

With the on and off rain, walking around Fajardo proper, with its interesting and odd little shops to kill the next 3 hours until ferry time wasn't an option, but I did remember to bring a book and the camera. Time passed.

If you've never been in the Fajardo ferry terminal, here is what some of it looks like when it is raining. Depending on wind, you might have to move away from the chairs against one wall or another, as these blocks are open. Open to the weather, open to the pigeons. I like it.

One of the ferries that sits unused, unfixed, slowly fading away. There is a lot of talk about why this is happening, but that's for another day.

It occurred to me that one day, this sign might be gone, either by intent or neglect. This might be my favorite place in Fajardo, close to the ferry dock, food, drinks, and funkiness. But they already took down the giant chalkboard menu and the cool rush seat chairs. What's next?

This is some sort of official building, with lots of 'Do Not' type signs on it, but so far they've not ruined its best parts yet.

The other side of the cafe, which is also a hotel. A not very inviting hotel.
This was the first place I had a drink in Puerto Rico, on my first trip to Culebra. I think.

Great windows!
It was time to go when the rain started again. Watching the vehicles trying to get up the very slippery ramp was the last entertainment Fajardo had to offer. I'm always glad not to be driving one of those cars or trucks. Usually, they back in but that wasn't happening yesterday and eventually, everyone got in place and off we went.

While I'm very grateful we have a ferry system now working pretty well, I cannot say I'm a fan of the cargo ferry one friend dubs 'the coffin'. There are no windows and you cannot go outside. For someone slightly or not so slightly claustrophobic, it is an exercise in mind control to get through the ride. I've been told that if they stay in service here, the will put in portholes. That would be real nice, as I think those with touchy tummies (thankfully, I'm not one of them - yet) would do a lot better if they could see out. If I've already mentioned all of this, it's because it's traumatic enough to block from my brain each time.

Add to the torture experience having the movie The Three Stooges playing and my lightweight misery was complete. I thought of slaves, deep in the holds of ships crossing oceans for weeks on end in conditions so far beyond my comprehension, realizing again how much the will to live can overcome the most horrific conditions, though sometimes not. Respect. Clean, beautiful air - it's a good thing.

It was Neil's wife Wanda's birthday, being celebrated at their kiosko down at Flamenco beach and everyone was invited. We didn't realize they were putting out a feast of picadillo, with yellow rice, fried plantains, pasta salad, guava pastries and more. Thanks, Neil, Wanda and Steve for the perfect antidote to being inside too long!

Wanda got more than the requisite five singings of Happy Birthday to You, once again beating the 'you ain't nothin' and nobody' without at least five'

Walt showed up with a new addition to his hat. It looks a lot better bobbing around.

There was a party going on but the restaurant was still open to the public. If I wasn't so full from the birthday meal I'd have been drooling, but instead I just enjoyed the beauty and artistry of this whole fish dinner. I promise, I did NOT drool on it.

Is this beautiful or is this beautiful? 
A little side trip over to the beach because how can you be there and not go there?

Though a bit late in arriving (defining late is really not possible here), some good friends of Wanda brought along this beautiful birthday cake.

I was way too full for cake but it was very pretty

Lit for a wish

May your wishes come true!

The debate whether to head in to Dinghy Dock to listen to the Dougs and Mariel was short-lived. They would either be done or done soon and I was done in, heading fast to a good sleep in cool, winter weather (meaning the fan was off and the blanket was on).

Have a salve your sanity with serenity Saturday. Do something scrumptious.


  1. That whole fish dinner looks wonderful and delicious. We had a whole fish cooked that way at Dingy Dock a few years ago. It was fantastic. When the waitress cleared our plates she said, Looks like a cat got into your food.

  2. There were plenty of cats who looked like they'd happily get into that plate, but I think the diner, like you, beat them to it.


    1. Hello Marco! Yes, I have it all figured out now, your Mom made a pretty good joke on me about you, have her tell you sometime. My injury from a long time ago getting payback!