Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wild Kingdom

Ok, it's not really completely wild. More like semi-sorta-kinda-feels like wild. And it's not a kingdom, it's a queendom. My yard; that's what I'm going on about here.

Yesterday afternoon
That bird? The hawkish raptor predator bird I've been trying to photograph, the one who showed up and then was out of here for awhile? He's back and he's not alone. I think he was busy with some kids. Or something. But morning and afternoon, they are circling, diving, and looking for chicken on the claw. And I still can't get a good shot of them; they definitely have human radar detector in a strong way.
This morning, I think there were geese flying around with them. I swear, I'm sober.

Is it a goose? Is it a heron? Whatever it is, there were two them, sky dancing with the two hawks. Really.

Yesterday was a gold star day for one very big (and very heavy and very visually obstructive) reason. I was sitting in the gazebo with a friend, pondering how to get the gigantic beast of a refrigerator - a refrigerator I was very grateful to have when I needed it and not so glad about when I didn't - out of the huge amount of space it was taking, a conversation I've had way too many times.

She suggested asking my very strong neighbor to move it, which I'd not even considered. The universe works in obvious synchronicity at times: my neighbor appeared on the hill at that very moment. Even I wasn't blind enough to miss the opportunity - I went and asked him, he said yes. Hooray! I went about some errands in town, dancing on the inside.

When I got home, to my stunnedness, there was the fridge, on the side of the road for pick up (it works, by the way, and while it is ugly, if you need an outdoor fridge, take it!!), as requested. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, but right now, there it was. Finding a spaceship landed in the exact spot, a polar bear licking out the trash barrel, a clown on a carousel felt like that.

Hie me to the gazebo! where it was instant rearranging of real (as in, not plastic) furniture and there I sat. And got up. And sat in another chair. And looked around. And had a cocktail. And watched the chickens (now that I could see the chickens). And gazed at the water. From both sides. I had my living room again!

From this view

From that view

Sorry Cocky Locky, she's busy with her dust bath. You're never getting in. Never.

From this view close up

From...never mind

I was out there a long time. You get the idea.

I wrote this yesterday, but I'll put it here now. One, because it might explain things a bit and two, just because. The joy of the gazebo (built for Johnny Padron's birthday when he was - I don't remember for sure, 93 maybe? He's 100 now!) is that it's real rough around the reality edges but it does keep the sun out! My casita/shack and this land used to be a fishing camp for the old guard here, 50 years ago. I'm blessed to live here now and have a few of those fishermen still around as friends who know how much I love this land and this island.

Fortunately, around here, being outside is pretty much do-able year 'round. Unless you are driven in by mosquitoes. Or lack of a fan to stir humid heavy air. But at this time of year, the mozzies aren't bad and the air is delicious. Life is good.

This has nothing to do with anything except growing things experimentally. I cut the scallions way too short but it doesn't matter, they are regrowing themselves anyway! 
Tomorrow will be about growing things. Like clowns on carousel unicorns. 

Have a peacably wild Wednesday. Do something well.


  1. hahahah evi israel vazquez... that is his reall name ... i got drunk with that crazy guy in the past \good friend ... i hope to see him soon..

    1. He drove by today a few times...