Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Edward Abbey ~ Resist Victor Gonzalez to Celebrate!

photo credit unknown
In light of our muellecito being stolen by Victor Gonzalez, with complicity from our former Mayor, it seems a good time to remember Edward Abbey, who spent the majority of his life trying to save a part of America that he felt passionately about. His passion spawned a movement, books, actions and, up to a point, made a difference, not only in the land he loved but in those in whom his beliefs and actions resonated. 

If you aren't aware of what I'm talking about (re: the muellecito), check out this page from Coralations, from back in 2006. It is now 2013 and the progress that came before has gone far, far backwards - laws, rights, humanity and Culebra be damned, by Victor Gonzalez.

We could do worse, far worse than to remember and be inspired by Edward Abbey, a man that I wish was alive to celebrate his 86th birthday (which was yesterday, but he's dead and I doubt he'd mind much). Here is an essay, written in 1999, that is worth the time it will take to read it, and a video essay of the man himself that I really enjoyed and hope you will as well. And if this gets your fighting juices flowing, head out to the muellecito and let El Diablo Victor Gonzalez know how you feel.

Thanks, Doug Brown, for the links and reminder!

Yesterday I only rebelled against being anywhere on land where I should have been by being on water, where I needed to be. It was so much where I needed to be that crashing on the spare bed to see the morning was the only option available. Thanks, lady in the purple houseboat. Thanks, mi amiga, for feeding the chickens!

I didn't take a lot of afternoon photos because we were busy rearranging furniture and perfecting the art of making space and making do. Along with a few cocktails to celebrate.
Waking up at dawn made up for the earlier lack. I tried for a few middle of the night photos but unless you are deeply drawn to blackness with a green buoy light tiny in the midst of it, they weren't a success.

Good morning sun and clouds!

Low tide at the reef

Full soul
Just as we were ready to head in (I could almost hear the chickens and CWIM calling the Bad Human Caretaker hotline), it started to rain. One of those air clearing rains that only lasted a few minutes and left this rainbow wide over Culebra. I hope the people in the plane were seeing it too.

Life is good. And, as Edward Abbey said, "Life is too short for...regret. Or bullshit."

Have a take-action Thursday. Do something.


  1. If the links tweak your interest in Abbey, pick up "Desert Solitaire" to feast on some eco-poesy, and "Monkey Wrench Gang" to cure that vague feeling of hopelessness. I'm so much the richer for having absorbed his words.

  2. Thanks for all you've done to further my Edward Abbey education, Doug! He's addictive, readers (well, for a certain type and I know you are).