Friday, January 11, 2013

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

Yesterday felt like winter. The wind huffed and puffed and blew off my planned ferry ride over to pick up a dog from the vet that got hit by a car earlier in the week. She's got a pretty damaged leg and we decided that bouncing around in her kennel at sea would not be a good thing. Teresa will be going over this morning; the wind is still gusting but the seas are supposed to be a bit less bumpy.

On the way back home after the aborted 6:30 run, the moon and Jupiter were making a sky show. It was worth being up and about, if just for that.

Because it is a comfort food, the best thing I ate yesterday was a bowl of oatmeal. Milk from a cow on Culebra, organic oats I had from back in the bread making days, and brown sugar. People vary their oatmeal recipes, mine is simple. Using milk instead of water, I toss in the oats with the milk and then start the cooking process. Not using instant oats, it takes a bit longer, but once the slightest bubble comes up, it's turned down to a simmer for a few minutes, with the occasional stirring. Then, turn off the heat, put on the lid for another few minutes and wa la, perfect oatmeal! If you want, you can put in sugar while it's cooking, though swirling the brown sugar as it melts into the oatmeal has something to be said for it.

And while a bowl of oatmeal is a massive photo opportunity (probably a great challenge to a food photographer), I didn't take a photo. It was too comfortable, there under the covers. Maybe next time.

An article I saw yesterday was pretty interesting. Even folks who live in a skyrise can do many of these with the food they buy. Some are practical, some are just fun to try. 15 foods you can regrow from scraps!

I think most of us have tried to grow an avocado seed into a tree, some with more success than others. And most kids have had a potato growing into a jungle on a classroom windowsill. How about celery though, or scallions? You can either replant them in soil or just keep them on the kitchen counter, changing the water every few days. With scallions, you won't get the white bulb (unless you want to steal a few) but you will have the green tops, over and over again. Give at least one of them a try.

What I did take a photo of, and more than one, was this great white heron who flew into my yard, using Greg's boat ramp for a landing zone.

Very skittish, he caught sight of me pretty quickly and took off for more secluded spaces.
So while I was outside, I took a cloud walk. The sun broke through a few times, but never for long. There were dragons flying by, so I wasn't missing the sun much (sorry, visitors, we don't often get wintery days).

There is always color to be found here though, even when it feels and looks like winter. The orchid trees are blooming, bougainvillea are showing their diverse color ranges, from purple to pink to copper to gold, And my stony little beach is an ever-changing palette.

Have a free your own Friday Friday. Do something flexible.


  1. NICE snag on the heron. If I lived there, I'd always carry my pocket camera, my insanely cumbersome EOS and extra lens. And a mini-tripod (in a golf cart). And I would almost never sleep.

    1. I've got the not sleeping much thing down. I don't want an EOS, but a golf cart would be good! Thanks.

  2. Our Monday Flamenco pilot, one with whom I've flown many times, was removing a cardigan as he climbed aboard. He explained that it had been 56 degrees in the mountains on the big island. B-r-r-r-r!

    1. The mountains of the big island are like a different world. I've got to get back there!

  3. I saw that moon yesterday morning and wanted to take that picture! GOOD JOB!
    ironera 12761

    1. You should have taken it! Thanks.