Monday, January 14, 2013

Mayoral Monday!

I thought about restraining myself as to the number of photos I'd post today and then wondered, why would I do that? Life is short! But before wading in the photo pool, just a reminder that Ivan's mayoral inauguration is at ten o'clock this morning at the multi-use building.

It is also a Puerto Rican holiday, Conmemoración del Natalicio de Eugenio María de Hostos- the commemoration of the birth of Eugenio Maria de Hostos, a 'patriot, educator, sociologist, philosopher, essayist, and novelist' according to a website dedicated to him, and apparently much, much more. Obviously he was an avid activist of good causes; a man far ahead of his time on many fronts. He sounds like the sort of man there should be a holiday for; and wonderfully appropriate that it is today. 

I'm wishing Ivan all the best as he embarks on the next four years leading Culebra in the direction of proper balance between growth and tranquillity so necessary for this island, environmental stewardship and open interaction between himself and the community. He has a big job ahead and wonderful footsteps for example as we remember our own Don Monchin as well as Eugenio Maria de Hostos for examples. Even if I can't imagine Ivan with the moustache.

Here's some of what has been going on in my world the last few days. 

One day I will get a photo of this dinghy that really feels like it looks
Sunset peli

It wasn't quite a rainbow, it wasn't a sundog. It just was there one second and gone.

One of the singers

I'm working really hard to identify this bird. Ok, well, I have a few experts working hard to identify this bird. This is not a great photo, but I've seen him twice now, chicken hunting in my skies, maybe the third time will be a charm on a better shot. It wasn't going to be yesterday afternoon though, when I was all set up and ready, rather than scrambling. They know.

Peli's know too but they don't care.

If this was a stone crab claw, I'd have fought whatever ate it for a share.
Okay, it's not a stone crab claw. What about a prehistoric bird skull? Or maybe I just need to get out more.
Among the 5,493,188 white flutterby's around right now, this one stood out orangely.
Sky mapping
If there was a motel under this it would obviously be called Sunset Palms.

 Have a let's go meet our new Mayor Monday!! Do something magnificent!


  1. wonderful photos with your new camera. I especially like the first, as I'm constantly trying to figure out where you are. Is that dinghy dock beside it?

    1. Thanks, Sharon. No, that is one of the very few houses on my little bay. Dinghy Dock is right near the bridge, if you use google earth, it's not too hard to find.

  2. Never hold back on the photos, my blogger motto is "pics make the post!" Happy Mayor Holiday.
    1199 dangamp

    1. Yep, the photos are fun! A very good Mayor holiday indeed. A lot of very happy people here today.