Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There's Always a Law

Must be cleaned and enlarged. Must.Do.This.
I know there is a law for when you plan to get up with the dawn to do something outside, a chore rather than play, something you have put off and finally determined, today will be the day! I will do this! that opens the morning rainy and darkish when you indeed planned to spring from bed with tools already welded to your hands.

Maybe it's Murphic Law, a Karphy Law. Whatever it is, I slept later and enjoyed it more. If you wrap your head around it instantly, the temporary dashing of plans can be pretty lovely. And cozy. Even CWIM didn't whine, much, about a later than usual breakfast hour. Having her head in my armpit helped.

Yesterday I spent mostly at the clinic. Tooth, arm. Absorbing the reality that both are a process that must be walked through. Trivial in so many ways, yet realities to be accepted. Though usually medical avoidance is my watchword, some things must be dealt with  nevertheless. Interesting that both doctors, of both diciplines, brought up the fact that I am not 21 anymore. I was shocked.

I'm a stranger in a strange land up there, but luckily, as I've mentioned before, it happens to have one of the most beautiful settings of any clinic/hospital there could possibly be. I haven't been everywhere, but I think I'd be fairly safe in saying it is one in a million for gorgeous location. And where else will the staff come outside and call you when it's your turn? Hmmm?

And like a benediction, a cosmic wind of encouragement, the sun has come out and the day calls. 'MJ, get your lazy derriere out here and get to work!' Not poetic, but effective.

Have a work until you're happy Wednesday. Do something.

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