Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tra La La Tuesday

For some reason, I dreamed show tunes last night and they won't stop in my head, like some really bad tape mix (CD mix? ipod mix?) that has taken up residence, blocking pretty much all thoughts of much else. Was it the pomp and circumstance  surrounding the presidential inauguration (which Mike down at Sandbar was nice enough to let us watch on the big screen television there, the bar not quite open and not quite closed)? The photos of the Inaugural dances, ball gowns and white ties and swirling dancers? I have no idea.

I'll just let the photos of yesterday speak for themselves. Pretty much.

I often have iguanas in my yard, but this fellow stood out for his orange mohawk

I think Teresa told me this is known as a bug eye. Which would make sense, if I'm accurate

The other day, a visiting couple asked about this. They guessed it was a sapodilla and sadly, I was unable to confirm or deny. So I went to the fount of most of my fauna and flora knowledge and found out it is a mahogany 'fruit'. I knew that and forgot it. So, couple, if you are reading this, now you know. No, don't eat it.
A couple of moments from the inauguration yesterday. Four years ago we were cheek and jowl at Dinghy Dock, watching President Obama's first inauguration with laughter and tears. While it wasn't packed in watching around here, it was definitely packed in the Washington Mall, wonderfully coinciding with Martin Luther King day. The inevitable comparisons (which I think are neither here nor there) flowed out of the talking heads mouths; all I know is that the obvious correlation, an African American President coming into his second term on a day celebrating the father of our civil rights movement was pretty extraordinary, even in our world of blase-ness about so many things important.

Except for her name, I don't know anything about Beyonce, who, I was informed later, is, according to some 'probably the most famous singer in the world at this time'. She did a good job with a difficult song, leaving out most of the usual extraneous embellishment at big events.. But for me, James Taylor was who I was waiting to hear. Thanks, James. You were true.
Justice Sotomayor presiding

It's official!
President Obama's 2nd Inaugural speech didn't pull any punches. There were moments I think more than a few were a bit drop jawed as he very boldly addressed equal rights for all (among many topics, including gun control and wars), using no euphemisms addressing gay rights and gender issues, along with the divisiveness that has driven the last four political years. It was a strong speech. I hope it is followed by equally strong actions and idiotic grandstanding is replaced by cooperation of all leadership in our country.

I wondered, after Maya Angelou's fantastic poem of four years ago, how this year's poet would do; she's a hard act to follow. Richard Blanco, the youngest and first Latino poet (yes, Virginia and gay too), did, in my opinion, a very good work. His words drew me in more and more as he continued his lengthy poem and I think he did himself, the President and America a fine thing.

The moon rose, the sun set. An historic event turned to celebrations and on we go.
 Have a try to be true Tuesday. Do something untrivial.

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