Thursday, January 3, 2013

Long Good Busy Culebra Day

Yesterday my camera finally arrived. Woohoooooo! While I was waiting for the batteries to charge up, I was reading the manual and realized I'd probably need to go to school someplace to learn all the ways to use this. Smart electronics can make me feel very dumb.

In the meantime, Flamenco wave watching was on the agenda. The batteries weren't charged yet, so once more the trusty, but not so great phone camera came out for one more performance, and got to leave the stage with a good show at Flamenco.

It's hard to get perspective on these waves, but if one of the surfers out there was in this shot, he would have only been about one quarter of this wave height.
Talking to Anita: 'Wow, this is the most crowded I've ever seen Flamenco!' Anita: 'Dude, it's always like this in winter, you just always go to Melones and Tamarindo!' Oh. Right.

By the time I got home, the battery was charged. And so was I. Truthfully, I have very little idea what I'm doing with this camera yet, but I'm sure having fun figuring it out!

First shot

Oh panorama! My backyard (well, the hill is next to me, but the bay is MINE)

The waterer has a planter base turned upside down on top of it - with a big rock on it so they don't knock the waterer over - to try and keep the chickens from getting the water filthy. When I come over to the coop, it's a race to see who gets to stand on the rock for first look.  Everyone wants to be a Rock Star.

After playing in the yard it was time to head to the country for some time with Doug buddy, his bride and some other friends. p.s. the tacos from Zaco's were really excellent!

Life is good! Thanks, Doug (and crew!) for such a nice getaway!
Culebra safari view
Some good pickin' and harp going on!
Have to try the panorama again - it works!

A good Culebra day. Again.

Have a take it teasy Thursday! Do something ticklish.


  1. Nothing beats a new camera, I never figure out all the functions, just the ones I need most..

    1. I'm having a good time with it...but I doubt I'll ever figure it all out!

  2. what kind of camera did you buy?

    1. Barbara, it's a Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS15. Not as good as my old cameras, but way (x50) better than the phone! I seriously miss my articulating screen, but the only one that had it in my price range wasn't that impressive for some things. For now, I'm very happy!

  3. Loved having you; only sorry that times together were short and few. We must remedy that when John and I visit in May/June.

    1. Loved having me over for drinks and good munchies, is what I do believe you meant to say (this IS Culebra!). Yes, the crazy busy time makes it difficult to have fun stamina or in other words, I'm a wuss. May/June will be much easier! Looking forward to it, always great to see you.