Saturday, January 12, 2013

When the Sun Comes Out Color Us Happy

There is something about cloudy, rainy days that make the sun's return just that much better. Especially if it does that early morning come back with a rainbow.

Everything feels more wide awake, with more energy. In winter, with a crispness in the air replacing the sloggy sogginess of humidity, even hard work was easier.  Culebra was almost showing off.

Our work day was done. The sea artists were still going strong. Mercury water, yes, nice!
After a few hours of home chores and resting time out, it was time in. The two Doug's and Meryl were going to be playing at Dinghy Dock (gotta find a name for them); my feet knew where to go.

One of the fun parts of winter here is seeing friends not seen in the off season. I know I say that fairly often, but on a small island the things that really make you smile tend to come in surprise moments here and there, since expectations of anything occurring for certain are best put on a shelf, high up in the mental closet behind the faded photo albums. Be here now is a pretty good motto next to be nice.

No, Kevin is not a winter person. But his being at Dinghy Dock during Happy Hour? That was a surprise!

John isn't a winter person either. But his shirt was pointed out as a photo op and I took it.

Monika and, yes, her Mom. How did you guess?
Actually, there were not too many winter people there last night. This was just a test of your expectations. Maybe it's just that I don't get into town much anymore. Which reminds me, the tunes the Doug's and Meryl were playing...from Summertime to a little honky tonk to - well, I'd ask for a set list, except I think they were winging it. Really well.

The sun couldn't resist ending the daylight hours without one more show.
Arlene was in the kitchen cooking up a plethora of tapas. Yes, a plethora.
You know those nights when there are a lot of people, eating and drinking and music is going on and you want to hear the music but you can't, and you're thinking why aren't people listening to this? It wasn't that kind of night at all. Rather, it was that good blend of listening and talking, with plenty of space to have both happening, both enjoyed. With no temptation to sing (it would have been like one of those birds that puts its grackly egg into a bird of paradise's nest), instead I danced. Thank you, dancing partners! Thank you, Universe, that I didn't try to defy gravity too much.

Full house

All of me...why not take all of me?
And the wind cried Mikey (no, there is no smokng in DD, he was in prep mode)
Life is good.

This is a video Mr. Sippy Cup made at Zaco's Tacos one late afternoon. Thank you, Neal!

Edited to add: Last night I saw this hat that Walt made and thought it was one of the best yet. He told me it was from the heart of the palm (not to be confused with heart of palm the edible variety, which would give a whole new meaning to 'I'll eat my hat'). It hasn't dried yet, obviously but the symmetry and colors were practically glowing. He let me take it home to see it in a setting better suited to its essence than the bar - though the bar is really pretty. I don't know how much he sells them for, you'll just have to find him and ask!

Have a scarce as hens teeth Saturday. Do something snazzy.

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