Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Culebra Life Real

I don't know why the dentist didn't show up yesterday. The weather, I know, was against it, high winds...but I saw planes flying. Ferries were going and then stopped, I'm not sure which ones when. So maybe it was the weather. Maybe not.

Maybe we should ask the person who owns this plane to go on Tuesday Dentist Duty
Looking from the clinic to Vieques yesterday morning
So instead of beginning the process of reinstalling a gapless grin, I headed home. Unlike a friend up there who had a horrible toothache, the only thing hurting in me was my vanity, which sort of kind of came almost close to creating balance for me. As well, there were a few very funny people at the clinic and laughter is half and again the battle against putting oneself in the center of the universe, a position that's a lifelong struggle not to occupy. There's always next Tuesday. I'm pretty sure.

We've had a little rain on and off, and that's all it takes for the guinea grass to grow about about a foot overnight. My up the street neighbor's horse was in my yard, taking advantage of the sweet new blades of grass, which turn harsh in full growth. We circle each other, me gathering those new blades for the chickens twice a day as they love them, she enjoying an extra snack beside her regular feed. There's enough, we share.

Yesterday was another six egg day! All the girls are working and paying their rent. I never have figured out quite what makes this happen; more or less feed, more or less grass, the occasional handful of purslane that grows down by the water, salted by Nature's tide and wind - I've eaten it myself and it's pretty good! If you have some, you can toss it in a salad for a slightly bittersweet crunch.

I went and sat on the little dock for awhile, watching the sway of boats and rippling of water. There were pelicans, but much farther out in the bay.

It only takes awhile to soothe my head, thanks and gladness on express delivery if I want them. And I do.

'Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn.
Bother me tomorrow, today, I'll buy no sorrows...doo doo doo lookin' out my front door'  ~~adapted CCR
Have a wellness yourself Wednesday. Do something with willingness.


  1. Looks like you have a great Yaad!
    Wait- You had a dentist appointment and the DENTIST didn't show up? First time I aver heard of that!
    tesrembe 7011

    1. It happens when he comes from the big island and the weather is bad, so he can't make it! happens with the vet too...who only comes once a month. Luckily, the dentist is USUALLY here once a week.