Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not Everything Not All the Time

I realized yesterday that I didn't make anything with black-eyed peas, or something green or eat 12 grapes, all those lucky food things, via either bad planning or just spacing out on the idea. And then I got this photo from my daughter Sarah. While I slept here, she was cooking, out there on the West coast.
I'm thinking, by some sort of mother/daughter osmosis, I participated in this meal and get to share the luck. She is a fabulous cook, so I know it was also delicious. Thanks for looking out for your mama, sweetie!

photo credit: Sarah
My poor tooth finally gave up its clinging. I'd told it we only had to wait until Tuesday, forgetting that Tuesday was New Year's Day and not Dentist Day. Be careful what you tell your body parts! So when you notice the temporary gap in my grin, consider my poor tooth, which did its job so well for so long. I'm going to bring it to the dentist next Tuesday, which thankfully will NOT be another holiday, so he can make its replica. I hope.

I know, too much information, but having never lost a tooth before, I'm sorting out how to deal with it in my mind as well as my face. On the world stage, it's smaller than a grain of sand. On my stage, it's a fair bit larger. Maybe this will be the Year of Keeping Perspective. It's okay to let a relatively unimportant thing loom large, and then it's even better to put it in its small moment niche, do whatever needs to be done and move on. Thus endeth The Tooth Lesson.

This is my favorite mango tree on Culebra. The fruits are delicious and they are the ones I use most in my mango hot sauce. Except...they usually don't show up until June. Yet here they are, beautiful as ever, in January. Climate change? A random act of Nature's kindness? I don't know. Even better, I don't have to know. I just get to enjoy!

Have a willing to work on weaknesses Wednesday. Do something wider.


  1. Hi MJ
    wishing you a happy healthy 2013 and just to let you know we are getting mangoes on our tree too.
    Happy! Happy!

  2. Happy healthy New Year to you too, Barbara! Enjoy the weirdness of January mango bounty. Wonder if all of our islands are having this happen...

  3. You have mangoes already? We have blossoms.
    OMG! No Black eyed peas? (us either, wife didn't even mention it this year, she usually does)
    620 petome

  4. Yes, and Barbara lives on St. Maarten, where apparently they have them as well. Odd. Maybe your northernness is keeping them slower. I know, no black-eyed peas! Doom!

  5. Hola Island Woman! I have been desperately looking for a song that I heard playing on the island when I visited a few months ago. I am hoping you can tell me the song?!?! The lyrics said "puerto rico...mi corazon" over and over again.
    I really want to put this as my background music on our trip video. Any help would be appreciated:-)

    1. I'll ask around, but can any readers help out Jedydyah? I've heard it but I don't know the info. If I find out, I'll comment here again!

  6. Okay, I asked on fb and have the answer. Not quite as fast as google but pretty good time!! It is Marc Anthony, Preciosa. Thank you, Cristina Alexandra Corrada-Emmanuel and David Caraballo!

  7. Seriously no one wanted to eat that plate? I am so happy you put the picture up and I definitely made it for both of us...luck and spending money this year my mama!