Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whole Lotta Party Going On

Pre-party: thank you, Myrna, for the petition to get our beautiful dock back!
Other things happened yesterday beside Ivan's party, but there are so many photos from that, I'll put the rest to the side for now. One thing that did happen at the party that had nothing to do with the party was when MaryAnn told me my photo was in the newspaper. I had no idea what she was talking about and was pretty sure it wasn't in the crime section. Instead, it was the last day Arte Fango was still standing. I'd seen the photo of the paper, but just looked at the headlines and translated the article. Good to know how observant I am.

Glad sad feelings about this one
Dinghy Dock and El Batey appeared to be the pre-staging spots before Ivan's party started. I walked into the transformed basketball court with drink in hand and felt like I'd walked into a church, doing the same. I didn't realize there was going to be a ceremony, a serious, yet really happy, ceremony. But this is Culebra. It didn't matter. And we were back to normal; everything started about two hours later than the stated time. I was worried there for a while. Not a minute...a while.

Familia Solis (I see a future in acting for their youngest)

Again, the anthems of Puerto Rico, the US and Culebra were played and sung

I have no idea what the kids were singing, but they did it really well

I also have no idea what this playlet was about, but it was fun to watch
Then there was another swearing in, but this time with Vance Thomas - son of Gene, who was the ferry captain for many years, brother of Eric and now serving as the Secretary of Labor and Human Resources - as the Governor's representative doing the honors. While the first swearing in was standing room and out the door, everyone had a good seat this time. And there were a lot more smiles and laughter. It felt like it was happening in Culebra's living room, with everyone invited.

From barely contained grins...

to bigger smiles...

to outright joy!
I have no idea quite what happened in this photo of Joyce and Wiki, but it's so them!
As with all things Culebra, there was food and beer for everyone. Thank you!
First in the band line up was Gardin and Son de Culebra...they are so good!
Jose looking incredibly dapper
And the dancing started!
As always on Culebra, the children were there, enjoying themselves and being enjoyed

Mario was his excellent self and took the energy to a higher level.
I'm grinning when I type, THIS IS OUR MAYOR!!!

And this is our mayor with more than a few of his staff

 Our own lovely first lady

Next up was Intelectual, a far reaching steel pan band. They are very, very good! Yes, all the bands were good, what else could they be? It's Culebra!

Juan Juan was front and center

Thank you!!!
 In between bands

I'm not sure what Ivan, Jose and I were looking at but it must have been interesting

Mario being Mario
Then came Tinglao. By now it was somewhere on the other side of midnight. I was still awake. They woke me up more. Yes, there was dancing. More dancing.

It was time for me to head home. A great party, with wonderful people, it felt like the heartbeat of Culebra. I think a lot of us are still grinning. Or drinking Bloody Mary's. Or both. Something tells me we're into something good!

To four years of doing what's right for Culebra!
Have a heart sated Saturday. Do something smiling.

p.s. Thanks, Doug, for loaning me a memory card!


  1. Now *that* is an inaugural ball that I can get my arms around. If I'd only had the foresight to have my vacation two weeks later...;-).

    1. Doug, I always feel that way when I'm not on island and something great happens...and there is often something great happening, though this was one of the greatest for its reason, I will say. Sorry you missed it. Mark your calendar vaguely for four years from now.

  2. Looks like a jammin' good time!