Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Culebra Snow

Last night the rain came tapping and then came slapping on my roof, not for long but long enough and at the perfect time to lullaby me to sleep. I woke up late this morning, looked out the door and felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Wonder filling me up, like the last perk of the coffee pot anticipation being satisfied, a grin of delight, a slow sunrise dawn on my face, seen only by creatures that were stirring, probably even a mouse.

Genipe blossom snow

Have an oh Wonder! Wednesday. Do something (un)worldly.


  1. great picture, and your genip blossom commentary brought back a vivid st john childhood memory of springtime.............each year when the large genip tree outside our living room would drop its blossums on the roof, we would climb up there and clear the clogged drains so as not to miss a drop of the precious rainwater headed to our cistern..!! while on the roof, it was an opportunity see out over cruz bay toward st croix, 35 miles to the south and quite visible on a clear day..!!! 90 degrees to the right , i could see to the west and out of the harbor, to st thomas 3 1/2 miles across pilsbury sound..!!!! thanks for evoking another great set of memories..!!

  2. What a good story, John, thank you!

  3. Beautiful garden! I think I recognize one of those planters. Very nice.

    1. You should ;) I've separated all of it now though and so far, so good! A bit of a basil set back but it's on a return course now!